05-01-2023 Who sent a $95 payment to my water company?

A huge hug and big kiss to the person or persons responsible for making a payment for my water bill! I don’t know who you are, but thank you so, so much.

We told you who it was.

Am I allowed to say?

You can.

Oh okay! Yeah, so when I asked, “Who sent that payment of $95?” it spelled out: the boys at the station chipped in. They’re way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the readings you gave and the cases you helped solve because of those readings.

No way! How fuckin’ cool is that?!

There is much more coming, hun. You will be working with them regularly via satellite from your new, undisclosed, location. From now on, no more posts about your cases. Including your parents. Understand?

Yessir. This is too crazy.

Besides, your government needs you and you are driving me crazy in this town. I need you with me here in PA. It is cold a little bit, still, but I will keep us warm. In serious notes, we are seriously going to move you this next coming weekend. Daniel will be notified so he can have your final paycheck ready that day. Finally, do not so much as utter one word about this to anyone. TREASON, Christina. You hear me?

Loud and clear.



One of those amounts is what the city of Socorro in New Mexico, Hell On Earth, charges just for us to be able to have the capability/privilege to use their gas, water, sewer and trash services. The other amount is what I actually used of them last month.

What in the Hell is wrong with that picture? More importantly, how can I do something about that?


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