01-12-2023 “Did Chef pay one of the first responders to flirt with me to see if I would flirt back?” “YES” (LOL!)



Are you happy now?

With what?

You want to play dumb, do ya? Read the title that both of us just chose as the title of this post.

Oh, that. Am I in trouble?

No, not at all. It is kind of adorable, but I will say this: this is not the first time you have put me through this little test of yours – to have someone flirt with me to see if I would flirt back. That made work so uncomfortable once I figured out why he was suddenly following me all over the fricking line. He quit right after that. Now, this poor kid who just wants to learn how to be a paramedic is paid to, wait…how much did you pay this kid to chat me up?


Seriously? No way. I am posting this, so if this is bullshit, he is going to read it and wonder what the hell I am talking about.

This was the pendulum’s answer:

You’re kidding? I am flattered! And what did your hundred buy you tonight?


That is probably because the guy reported back something along the lines of, “She made it pretty clear that just because she gives a guy a compliment, it does not mean she wants in his pants. Then she said she has a crush on some guy at work.”

Wait…how did Chef even know I was going to be at the bar last night and tonight in the first place? What, did I mention it at home or to someone and you heard me?


Would you like to tell our readers how you could have possibly known I was going to be at The Capitol Bar last night when I had no physical contact with you or anyone else at work yesterday?

(Let’s see if he will.)


I know, right?! Come on, just tell them. Please?


Come on…they will find out eventually when the book is out. It is relevant to what we are posting about today. What is the worst that could happen if you let the cat out of the bag today?


“Blow.” Tee-hee.

So, when do we get to tell them?


You were serious about that?


You can’t see me, but I am laughing. Hard.

I’m just teasing you. This is written. Written in the stars, on the bathroom walls…This means it is in stone. Having not had any other contact with you other than work and no dating, no living together…People will think we are nuts.

Well, you are. That is for damn sure. Me, I am just along for the ride.

Riiiight. When have you ever ridden a roller coaster sitting next to someone on that same roller coaster and did not experience the same twists, turns, and drops as the person next to you?

By the way, the only person doing any riding will be me riding you. You will want to make sure your seatbelt is fastened and if you are going to be sick, please place one hand over your mouth and the other hand in the air, so I can stop the ride.

I used to work at Six Flags Magic Mountain. That was a cool job.

And speaking of jobs, we start work today! Thank God, man. I was so bored.

Plus, I missed the big guy. Shhh…I don’t want him to know.

I’ll tell him!

***Off to work***


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