02-18-2021 Spirit, in how many more days will Kieran be arriving in New Mexico? 3

Yeah, so I keep asking the pendulum every day if Kieran is still going to arrive this Saturday after over two years of no contact not because I want to know, but because something out there wants me to record all of this. All of it. Okay yes. I also keep asking to see if the answer will change. Maybe the reason I have not started sorting my things yet is because I keep thinking of all the other times I felt I would hear from him and it never happened. Why is this time different? Sure, those other times I still had life lessons to learn. According to Spirit and my spirit guides, I have learned all the lessons I was supposed to learn prior to reuniting with my twin flame. Also according to Spirit, Kieran has learned all of his life lessons, too. Our energy is balanced. Our vibration is matched. Those are some of the key items necessary for union with your twin.

So, maybe this really is it. It feels like it. The signs, letter pulls, and synchronicity are practically yelling it to me. Why am I still not 100% convinced this is all going to happen the way I am predicting it will happen? I’m, like, 99.9% convinced. The remainder of that 100% probably won’t hit me until I hear that famous Facebook Messenger CHING some time during Saturday afternoon. Talk about a girl sitting by the phone waiting for it to ching. Waiting on that one fateful text message to come in: “Hi! I’m at the Holiday Inn Express in Socorro.” This way I can respond with:

“Who dis?”

LOL No, just kidding. My response would be simply: “What room?”

Although, after I get the room number, I may ask him to shoot me a quick live video clip to ensure it is him. The Dildo Stalker Wesley likes to impersonate Kieran creating fake Facebook accounts and then messaging me. The latest account The Dildo created to keep trying to smear me on Instagram as of today is actually in his own name. Then see how fast it took me to block, restrict and hide my story from him yet again. Sigh. The poor lad just will not move on. (Dude, what would your Dad say if he knew you were spending all your spare time stalking me? He’d shake…his…head.)

This is probably the 8th account I have had to block of The Dildo Stalking Ex.

To clarify just what a stalker does that indicates they are stalking, I snipped this from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website:

I thought for sure his picture would be shown under the definition.

I think what it is, is if all this goes down the way I am writing it is, this would truly mean I have some major psychic-ness in me. Err, medium-ness. Well, both I guess. I don’t know. I’m not sure why that is so hard for me to grasp. I mean, me? What are the chances I have been right about everything else, including the readings I’ve done for people who tell me there is no way I could have known what I knew about them, and just been wrong about this? Slim, huh? Yeah, that is what I was thinking, too. Wow, and to being to understand that telepathy works?! Whoa. Just…whoa.

Moving on to today’s twin flame journal entry. Adonnis texted me this morning and said he would like to stop by with Ambrosio for a smoke session. I haven’t seen Ado in a few days, so I was very excited to see him. He looked great, too. He’s got a fro-puff he is hiding under his beanie, because he says he needs a haircut.

Deciding to take a stab at mentioning the house sitting thing since it’s apparently approaching that time, I mentioned that Kieran was supposed to be here this Saturday. Thank goodness his reply was not, “Oh, you heard from him?” Can you imagine how the conversation would have went? What was I going to say then? Something along the lines of, “Nope. Still haven’t spoken with him in over two years. My pendulum and Scrabble letters have been telling me for the past week.” You get where I’m coming from, right? Instead, Ado was being Ado and congratulated me on the arrival of my love and that he is more than happy to watch the house and Oreo like he agreed to the first time I mentioned it a year ago.

Adonnis and Talia are aware of my twin flame situation. Sometimes I feel like they still do not believe what I have written down will come to fruition. I wrote down some predictions on a piece of paper and sealed it in a envelope telling them not to open it until I call them and tell them to open it. It has things like Kieran’s name, our twins, eloping instead of a big wedding, details like that.

After about forty minutes of chatting, smoking dabs, coughing and laughing with the two of them,, Ado gave me a huge hug and said he would call me later to watch some Celebrity Toast if he got done at his cousin’s house early enough. I no sooner closed the door after seeing them off and went to the kitchen to do another two shots of the apple cider vinegar when I felt a push up against me, making me bend forward over the kitchen counter.

It hit. A big one. An astral sex session that blew me away. The best part is that this particular astral sex session, Kieran was able to actually feel my orgasm wherever he is in Pennsylvania. I heard the thoughts “Christina I felt your orgasm. Christina, I, Kieran, in 3D, felt your orgasm.” Check it out:

There were still more questions to ask about astral sex. How does it happen? Why does it happen? Does it happen to both of us? What initiates astral sex? If you are a twin flame who has experienced astral sex, you must relate a little to this and how it works. I kept asking:

That was the thought I’d heard yesterday and today: “Christina, I don’t feel like you are taking me seriously.”

Maybe I haven’t been lately. But, please understand why. This is a very unconventional way of going about union after our bods have been physically separated for over two years and we went from being asleep to being spiritually awake in that time. Although, after that last astral sex session and the letter pulls since then, I am more than convinced I will see my DM Saturday.

“Spirit, what is my message for today?”

Air BnB’s are the way to go rather than a hotel, if you ask me. Especially out here in New Mexico. After getting the next letter pull you see and later downloading the Airbnb app, right away I am hit with the 6666:

Question #25 both shocked me and melted my heart.

I mean, that’s only fair, right?

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