02-08-2021 Spirit, did Mom ever try to intentionally turn me against Dad? YES.

The energy this morning was very ‘it’s time to work’ energy. After some quick doodling, a letter pull was needed. That was the first you see. Robert (Bob), is my Dad. My Dad is very much alive and well, living in California. He is telling me to make use of my spare time now that I am not working and hone the skills I am good at. I’m not great at writing, but I love to do it. My Dad always told me to do what I love. Plus, I get to help other twin flames out there who truly thought they were going nuts and just obsessing over some guy or girl. Oh and HEARING shit in their head that is not them, but they are not voices.

On with February 8th:

Kirk is my DM’s twin brother. I asked for a letter pull to describe Kirk’s current energy. I got this:

WOW. What does that tell you about the guy?

Next, I asked for a letter pull for both my current energy and Kieran’s current energy. How anyone knew I had two new zits from all the junk food I have been eating the last few days is beyond me. I always confirm the message is correct using my pendulum before I snap the pictures, too.

I think it’s cute GQ has come out twice so far with him.

I keep seeing a sidewalk with a sunset in the distance. Could be a sunrise. I see the sun and it is low in the sky. There is grass on the left hand side and the curb on the right. There is kind of a hill we are walking on. The grass is thick and green. I also see a yellow fire hydrant.

Yeah, no. She never came back over. I crashed after Ado left and did not respond to her text asking if he’d left.

And that’s February 8th. I decided to start video taping my journal time. There are on my YouTube Channel when I listen music that is not copyright protected. It takes forever to upload them, so they get there when they get there.

Twin flame OUT.

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