12-01-2020 Twin Flame Signs That Convinced Me I Was on This Ride.

Let’s forget the repeating numbers for a moment.

Here are some of the other reasons I have felt something odd was happening with my life since the beginning. I find it odd that:

The last two places I got my tattoos since starting to ‘wake up’ to this journey within the last three years just happened to be 3rd Eye Tattoo and Ascension Body Modifications.

This was the only place open and within walking distance from Mom’s.
February 2020

Weird, no?

When I first started wandering the beach line of the South Bay after leaving The Dildo Narcissist Karmic Ex Wesley, hearing new thoughts that are not mine, a woman gave me a lighter from her truck to light my one cigarette. Her truck door said: Angel Credit Repair. I remember the little yellow halo over the ‘A’ in Angel. She gave me a little advice on a crystal I had somehow come up on and I thought it was odd that she mentioned she was very surprised the lighter even worked, as she had had it for a while and could never get it to work.

If you add up all the digits of my birth date, it equals 33.

If you add up all the digits of my DM’s birth date, it equals 22.

Both 33 and 22 are Ascended Master numbers. This would explain the stronger capabilities for telepathy and psychic abilities between us.

My very first sex and real boyfriend had the name Jose Ascencio Vasquez. A real mojado who actually bought his SSN at Alvarado Park in Los Angeles. I was just about 16 and he was 17. Jose is Joe in English. DM’s middle name is Joseph. Ascencio means Ascension. (I call those divine coincidences.)

Billiard Bug Bit Me in The Butt

DM is a pool shark. I remember him showing me the “Sneaky Pete” cue stick he used specifically for hustling. It is a cue stick that looks just like any average bar cue, but it is made special for the user for hard breaks, has a better tip, etc. I don’t think he’s ever looked sexier to me than he did that one night showing me that cue. MERCY. He even let me shoot a ball or two with a cue his grandfather had used. Or gave him. Maybe it was both. I just remember feeling extremely honored and scared to death to even hold it because I was afraid I’d hurt it.

It is no wonder he is good enough to hustle. He’s been playing pool since he was a sperm. He has the best break I have ever seen. Well, except for this one Asian woman I saw at a bar called The Underground in Hermosa Beach who was there hustling one night with two other guys on her ‘team’. They earned every dollar they bet that night. They were that good.

I had not even considered picking up a pool stick until after I broke up with Derek 6 years ago. Suddenly, I am helping a new friend restore a used pool table she bought on Craigslist and I find out I am not that bad a shot for someone who just picked up the cue. Turns out after reading more on twin flames, it is often one twin will suddenly pick up a hobby or start working in a career similar to their twin before meeting.

It is around that time I meet the Dildo Covert Narcissist Ex Wesley and then shortly after, DM, who starts teaching me how to play better pool. DM’s twin brother introduced us. I needed a place to practice pool and his brother was a bartender at the bar where I was playing. He said, “You know, my brother is pretty good at pool. Maybe he can show you a few things.” That is how I met DM, who also worked at the same bar. ( I played pool once with his twin brother. I beat his ass.)

Intuitive Empath

Within the last few years, I am suddenly attracted to shows about deception detection and the paranormal. I felt like a human lie detector that got my feelers tuned up once the Universe decided it was time to wake me up to my TF journey.

This show was like being in a class for getting better at what I was already doing. One of the main characters has the same surname as myself. Another coincidence, I know. How many coincidences is that now anyway? A bazillion?

Being able to tell when someone is not being truthful is entirely overrated, too. Sometimes it sucks to know when some people are trying to bullshit you. It was hard for me not to open my mouth when it would happen. An example I can give would be the time I was playing pool at a sports bar with a friend and was watching this cute couple play another pair of players. I felt the couple were a lot better than what they were actually letting everyone see on the table. The ‘girlfriend’ was very nice to me and in between shots, she mentions her boyfriend just got out of basic training. He just happened to be wearing the standard issue BDU (battle dress uniform) cover on his head to match his shorts and beach shirt. I started to chat with him and I mentioned his girl said he just got out of basic.

“That’s right, ” he says.

“No shit?” I told him. “That’s cool. I almost went into the Navy myself. Went to M.E.P.S. and everything. I would have had basic in Great Lakes Illinois. Where did you have to go for basic?” I leaned in.

He was a deer in headlights. He couldn’t tell me.

He gave me a look that clearly said, “I can’t believe you just asked me that,” and made the head nod gesture in another direction that would normally indicate acknowledgement of someone from across the room motioning for you to head over to them and then he excused himself from me.

If you just graduated basic training, wouldn’t you know where that was? This is not top secret information.

I smelled a hustler. I am pretty sure I made him. It was awesome.

Playing pool for money is something I do not do. I am not good enough to bet for money. Not yet. One day, though. I would love to try and hustle hustlers and then donate my winnings to people’s GoFund Me causes. Now that would be pretty cool. I lied. One night I played 3 ball with a few guys and won $44. I think I only put three or four bucks in.


The first two movies to resonate with me as a child were ‘E.T. The Extraterrestrial’ and ‘The NeverEnding Story.’ Have you ever felt like you just want to go home, but you do not know where home is? Home, for me, was always were I lived when growing up with my mom. After I moved out and started to do things on my own, moving from apartment to apartment, having roommates, etc, I never felt ‘home’ again. I still do not know where home is. Having the continuous feeling that you have never quite belonged with those around you is not a good feeling when growing up. At least it wasn’t for me. Now I understand why it is I have never felt the same as others or that I even fit in with my own family. I’m not from here. Yeah, neither is anyone else, I know, but I know it now. All this shit now seems to make sense.

Later in life, I come to LOVE the movies ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Pretty In Pink’. I now know they resonate with me because both are movies with regard to a rich kid diggin’ the poor kid and that causes some static for the rich kid. You know, the rich kid ends up getting the poor kid in the end in both these movies….But, moving on.

Word Puzzles – Never Math Puzzles For Me

Games like Scrabble, Word Scramble or Word Find have always interested me. Logic puzzles, too.

Google Images Snip

As I am playing with my new lettered pendulum board the other day, I thought to myself, “I wonder if the reason games like this interested me or were always ‘Recommended’ for me is because I needed to get used to anagrams and rearranging letters given to me off the board?” So, I asked Spirit exactly that. The answer: YES. The same with looking at pictures and seeing what is wrong in them or spotting the differences in two pictures that appear to be identical. Sodoku was not for me, though. Numbers are not my favorite thing.

All these little interests are all leading up to what I am destined to do from here to help out humanity in some way.

I feel like once you realize the Universe is guiding you through this and you know what to take as a sign for guidance and what you are just reading too much into, things get tons less stressful along the way.

My Twin Is Talking To Me Through Music

You, too, huh?

These are the songs that are particularly resonating to my journey. The order of them pertains to the stages/levels we have been through so far-beginning from the day we met in January 2018. Truly, the songs were heard so often at certain stages. Crazy cool.

((I link to genius.com and it gives a little snippet of the song along with the lyrics. I don’t make any money if you click it or anything, so check ’em out.))

These started first…not long after meeting DM. These two songs I started singing in the shower out of the blue on more than one occasion. They would just pop into my head for no reason at all. I have no idea why and I hadn’t heard them in years.

Cupid https://genius.com/Sam-cooke-cupid-lyrics

Leaving On A Jet Plane https://genius.com/John-denver-leaving-on-a-jet-plane-lyrics

These I heard frequently at the bar where he worked and where I played pool. He occasionally taught me a few things and other than that, we never talked. I continued to practice pool there every single day. I was also beginning to Google “why am I feeling random shot of arousal in my pants?” because it started about a two or three months after meeting DM. It started after he touched my hand that one time looking at a callous on my hand. It was just…different. Not the way a buddy would look at a callous on another buddy’s hand. That was the activation. Our souls recognized each other. The intense sexual energy began that night for me.

Run To You https://genius.com/Bryan-adams-run-to-you-lyrics

Young Lust https://genius.com/Pink-floyd-young-lust-lyrics

Back Door Man https://genius.com/The-doors-back-door-man-lyrics

Rock You Like A Hurricane https://genius.com/Scorpions-rock-you-like-a-hurricane-lyrics

Double Vision https://genius.com/Foreigner-double-vision-lyrics

You Can Leave Your Hat On https://genius.com/Joe-cocker-you-can-leave-your-hat-on-lyrics

Then I was hearing these few all the frickin’ time when I began to notice DM giving off huge hints with his actions and body language that he had a secret crush on me like I had on him.

ULTRAVIOLENT https://genius.com/Crywolf-ultravilent-adrenochrome-lyrics

Silent Running https://genius.com/Mike-the-mechanics-silent-running-lyrics

I Ran (So Far Away) https://genius.com/A-flock-of-seagulls-i-ran-so-far-away-lyrics

Enough To Believe https://genius.com/Bob-moses-enough-to-believe-lyrics

Stroke of Luck https://genius.com/Garbage-a-stroke-of-luck-lyrics

Then these…describing the Crazy Gold Digger Karmic and then fiance of DM. I wonder if she was a stripper? It would not surprise me as she does have a fantastic body. She’s got great fake boobs, too. I one time asked his twin brother if DM bought those for her when I’d first seen her and his twin and I were chatting.

“Psst..hey…Did your brother buy those for her?”

“Oh no, she came with those.”

I also once overheard DM talking to the owner of the bar about how she is a great dancer. Now, I have no idea who they were talking about as my eavesdropping was barred by the space between the pool table and the owner’s office. But, at the time, DM had just asked her to marry him and I can only assume he was talking about her.

Gold Digger https://genius.com/Kanye-west-gold-digger-lyrics

Can I Get A Fuck You https://genius.com/Jay-z-can-i-get-a-lyrics

Low https://genius.com/Flo-rida-low-lyrics

Don’t You Want Me https://genius.com/The-human-league-dont-you-want-me-lyrics

Money (That’s What I Want) https://genius.com/Barrett-strong-money-thats-what-i-want-lyrics

Sunglasses At Night https://genius.com/Corey-hart-sunglasses-at-night-lyrics

Money https://genius.com/Pink-floyd-money-lyrics

Eurasian Eyes https://genius.com/Corey-hart-eurasian-eyes-lyrics

Somebody’s Watching Me https://genius.com/albums/Rockwell/Somebody-s-watching-me

Hungry Like The Wolf https://genius.com/Duran-duran-hungry-like-the-wolf-lyrics

(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight https://genius.com/Cutting-crew-i-just-died-in-your-arms-lyrics

Angel https://genius.com/Massive-attack-angel-lyrics

Halo https://genius.com/Beyonce-halo-lyrics

Surrender https://genius.com/Cheap-trick-surrender-lyrics

Around The Way Girl https://genius.com/Ll-cool-j-around-the-way-girl-lyrics

If I Ain’t Got You https://genius.com/Alicia-keys-if-i-aint-got-you-lyrics

A Girl Like You https://genius.com/Edwyn-collins-a-girl-like-you-lyrics

I’m On Fire https://genius.com/Bruce-springsteen-im-on-fire-lyrics

Do I Have To Say The Words? https://genius.com/Pink-floyd-young-lust-lyrics

Crazy On You https://genius.com/Heart-crazy-on-you-lyrics

Side To Side https://genius.com/Ariana-grande-side-to-side-lyrics

It’s No Good https://genius.com/Depeche-mode-its-no-good-lyrics

Not long after arriving in New Mexico after escaping The Karmic Dildo Wesley and leaving his ass in Hermosa Beach alone in his solitude, I was hearing these next few songs frequently. Not long after moving here, I met Art. Art is what I call my catalyst twin flame. All I mean by this is that I actually started to believe that DM wasn’t my twin-that Art was my twin because we have so much in common and just clicked. Art and I also knew when each other would call or text, too. But, one thing I never had with Art that I have always had with DM, that I still have, is the telepathy. These I heard mostly when hanging out with Art. Oh, and sleeping with him, too, while being a nanny for his two little girls.

Separate Ways https://genius.com/Journey-separate-ways-worlds-apart-lyrics

Pneuma https://genius.com/Tool-pneuma-lyrics

Man In The Box https://genius.com/Alice-in-chains-man-in-the-box-lyrics

Going Under https://genius.com/Evanescence-going-under-lyrics

Every Breath You Take https://genius.com/The-police-every-breath-you-take-lyrics

Don’t Talk To Strangers https://genius.com/Rick-springfield-dont-talk-to-strangers-lyrics

Jealous Guy https://genius.com/John-lennon-jealous-guy-lyrics

Jealous Again https://genius.com/The-black-crowes-jealous-again-lyrics

Then these when I think DM was starting to get hit in the head with his spirit guides’ invisible ping pong balls with the syncs on them.

Radioactive https://genius.com/Imagine-dragons-radioactive-lyrics

Hello, My Name is Human https://genius.com/Highly-suspect-my-name-is-human-lyrics

If It Isn’t Love https://genius.com/New-edition-if-it-isnt-love-lyrics

Do I Wanna Know? https://genius.com/Arctic-monkeys-do-i-wanna-know-lyrics

Marry Me https://genius.com/Bruno-mars-marry-you-lyrics

Having My Baby https://genius.com/Paul-anka-having-my-baby-lyrics

Something To Talk About https://genius.com/Bonnie-raitt-something-to-talk-about-lyrics

Please Forgive Me https://genius.com/Bryan-adams-please-forgive-me-lyrics

These made me feel I was correct in feeling he had an addiction to work through just like myself:

Rehab https://genius.com/Amy-winehouse-rehab-lyrics

Toy Soldiers https://genius.com/Martika-toy-soldiers-lyrics

Mary Jane’s Last Dance https://genius.com/Tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers-mary-janes-last-dance-lyrics

These confirmed a breaking off of his engagement was coming or already hit:

Only Time Will Tell https://genius.com/Asia-only-time-will-tell-lyrics

It Must Have Been Love https://genius.com/Roxette-it-must-have-been-love-lyrics

Set Fire To The Rain https://genius.com/Adele-set-fire-to-the-rain-lyrics

When I discovered I had some abilities, I started pulling tarot cards and suddenly hearing the next songs ALL THE TIME.

Rhiannon https://genius.com/Fleetwood-mac-rhiannon-lyrics

Witchy Woman https://genius.com/Eagles-witchy-woman-lyrics

You Can Do Magic https://genius.com/America-you-can-do-magic-lyrics

I Put A Spell On You https://genius.com/Creedence-clearwater-revival-i-put-a-spell-on-you-lyrics

You know what? Back before I was 86’d from DM’s place of business, my pool cue had the tip broken off it. It was my very first cue stick I bought for myself. DM tells me he can get it fixed for me. How nice, right? I thought it was just the tip he would have replaced. Instead, he had the entire half replaced. It worked FANTASTIC. The thing is, I wondered what happened to the original half that had the broken tip. Did he just leave it with the guy who fixed my cue? The song My Lover’s Box is one of my favorites, but I couldn’t figure out why I was hearing it so much and how it resonated with me. Then one day it hit me. Did my DM keep that portion of my pool cue? Watch the very short video to find out what I found out:

Isn’t that some shit? I have to say that him keeping it and not telling me is one of the cutest things I have ever had a guy do for me.

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