11-24-2020 ‘Stolen Kids’ Unsolved Mysteries Pt.2

I am going to jump right in on this one. Having the tools and, gulp, gifts to do this, let’s do this.

If you have not read my post ‘Stolen Kids’ already, jumping over to it first and then coming back to this one will help this whole thing make more sense to you.

Mind you, all this intuitive and pendulum stuff is no science. I am barely understanding it myself. I just know it works. There are no evil, devilish questions being asked. I do not use this to summon demons and shit like that. I ask questions I feel I know the answers to. I ask questions I have no clue what the answers will be. I have been shocked at some of the answers I have received. (Damn. I should really learn how to not end my sentences with prepositions.)

The hard part is, without confirmation for the real big questions that need answers, I sometimes carry doubt with me. Until I get confirmation on some of this really bad stuff, I am still just winging this.

I guess we will see if any of this pans out. Wouldn’t that be some shit if I was right about these cases? Families can finally get closure on what has happened to their lost loved ones.

Again I ask, why would my pendulum tell me the truth when I ask it if I have 11 fingers (NO), if I have a cat (YES), if I have tattoos (YES), if Bill Clinton had frequent flyer miles racked up on ‘The Lolita Express’ (YES), etc? Okay, I exaggerated on that Bill Clinton question. What I really asked was had he ever taken a ride on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ and the answer was YES.

What is a trip, is that I just looked up the episode real quick to grab a picture of this little boy and saw I had his last name incorrect. For some reason, I have had the name WALKER in my head as his last name. I have no clue why. I just now saw it is GLOVER. Weird. Now it makes me wonder how important the last name WALKER is that it would be in my head that strong. This is why in the pictures, you will see the name Shane Walker instead of Shane Glover. Spirit still knows I am talking about the same person. But still…why the name Walker? Anyway…let’s get started.

The following questions I asked today, 11-24-2020 at 12:24pm:

Is today Saturday? NO

Is my middle name Agnes? NO

Do I have any tattoos? YES

Is this session to get information on the disappearance of Michael Smith? NO

I always ask a few baseline questions to ensure my pendulum is working and Spirit is with me.

Is this session to get information on Shane Glover? YES

Is Shane Glover still alive? YES

Does Shane Glover know he was stolen from a park? NO

Is Shane Glover going by a different name? YES

What are the letters of the name he is currently going by? M P D A O T

At this point, I have no clue what name Shane Glover is known by today. All I know is I cannot get the name WALKER out of my head.

How many letters are in the last name that Shane Glover is currently using? 8

How old was Shane Glover when he was stolen from the park? 3 years old

How many letters are in the middle name that Shane Glover is using? 2

Did the person raising Shane Glover give him a middle name? NO

Is Shane Glover currently safe? YES

Is Shane Glover using the same last name as the person raising him? YES

How old is Shane Glover? 15

Is Shane Glover currently living in the United States? YES

What are the two letters of the state abbreviation where Shane Walker is currently living? R A

Is Shane Walker currently living in the state of Arkansas? YES

It hits me.

Spirit is not giving me the letters of his first name. Spirit is trying to tell me he was ADOPTED. I asked the board to confirm. The answer: YES.

I hear more things. I start banging out the next questions:

Is Shane Glover being raised by a man and a woman? YES

Is Shane Glover being raised with any other children? YES

How many children are being raised at the home currently? 4

Did the people raising Shane Walker adopt him? YES

Did this couple adopt him from an actual adoption agency? YES

Is the adoption agency where Shane Walker was adopted located in the state of New York? YES

Is Shane Walker aware he is adopted? YES

Is Shane Walker aware he was stolen from a park? NO

THEN, this happened.

I was trying to email myself a picture the next picture of questions to post and for some reason I typed the name Shawn instead of Shane.

HOLY SHIT. That is when I wrote questions 31 and 32.

I began to cry. At one point, I heard the thought, “Why are you crying?”

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