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If you use Spotify to listen to music, and you are a twin flame, I am betting you have a playlist of songs that are particularly special and resonating to you. I do. I named it ‘New Beginnings’ and every single one of the songs were added to this list because I wanted them there or some other energy guided me to the song to add it. My twin and I are not in contact with each other, so I have never sent him the list. He is a smart guy, though. If he is spying on my social media like I feel he is, he would know what playlist to look for on Spotify to find our list. He just has to hunt for the playlist with the album displayed here:

I tried searching for our playlist on Spotify once. Do you know how many playlists with the name ‘New Beginnings’ I had to scroll through before I finally found ours? It felt like a hundred or more. I noticed that our playlist has only two followers and has had only two followers for over a year since I created the playlist. My other Spotify account on my previous cell phone is one of those two followers. I have no clue who the other follower is. Well…I may have a clue. But, that’s it.

The following songs are the ones I heard the most right after meeting my DM.

This one right down here gets me hot every time I hear it.

This next one was played a couple times a day at the beginning of all this. I always hit ‘shuffle’ when I begin this playlist.
-Lyrics unavailable-

This one by Pink Floyd, YIKES. My favorite line in this song is: ‘Won’t some woman in this desert land, make me feel like a real man.”

A shout out to the Gold-Digger Karmic he was with:

He was watching me and his GoldDigger Karmic was watching him.

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