11-14-2021 Channeled Message From My DM.

***DM THOUGHTS IN BLUE*** How many times have you thought of something and then saw something online in reference to that thought later in the day? Today, as I was driving to MMountain Coffee for my morning breakfast, a conversation took place inside my head on what actors and actresses actually did 'it' on screen... Continue Reading →

10-17-2021 I’d Like To Get To Know You Well

***DM THOUGHTS IN BLUE*** We did this kind of thing in junior high school with Slam Books. Remember those? Yes! Great! Let 's get started. I'm in blue. You're in black. Hey hey hey. Slow down. I was thinking I might be purple for this. Fine. Change the font color later. Type out the first... Continue Reading →

10-10-2021 My Twin’s Questions Answered With The Pendulum Before I Get To Know What The Question Is.

***DM THOUGHTS IN BLUE*** https://open.spotify.com/track/5ixQCurcV2gKLqJGMeLvpz?si=bbde5f2c723b42bb You wanted to know what I did for work. I do what you do. That's me in the brown apron. Notice I was given a third leg. https://open.spotify.com/track/03sEzk1VyrUZSgyhoQR0LZ?si=e8421752feec46fa ***JUST GOT BACK FROM WAYNE'S AFTER HAVING SMOKED A COUPLE BOWLS AND WATCHED SOME SAM KINISON CLIPS 6:19PM 10-10-2021*** https://open.spotify.com/track/05oETzWbd4SI33qK2gbJfR?si=d4b65a73c3fe4266 ***I'd just... Continue Reading →

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