01-28-2021 Spirit, were the Twin Towers WIRED to blow? YES.

Today's journal entry. Tu Pac is dead. Bigfoot does exist. 5G is already causing serious heath problems for those who live near the towers, and yes, the Twin Towers were a controlled demolition. I just ask the questions, people. The pendulum answers them. Some say that the pendulum will move based on your biggest desires.... Continue Reading →

01-02-2021 Pendulum Q and A. Getting To Know You. Getting To Know All About You.

This stuff is coming out. If I was ever curious as to why I had such issues with self esteem growing up, I have the ultimate confirmation to what I already was feeling. My mom was nowhere near as bad as Tonya Harding's mom. The hitting her out of nowhere was very resonating, though. Blind... Continue Reading →

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