10-03-2020 Yesterday Was DM’s Birthday. No, I didn’t send him a text or call him.

Err wait. It was on the 1st. I thought about it. I wanted to. Then I had to ask myself why I wanted to send him a message telling him 'Happy Birthday'. Well, it's nice to have someone you care about tell you they are happy you were born. Isn't it? But guess what? It's... Continue Reading →

08-18-2020 I Am Tired Of All This Twin Flame Crap Already!

****WARNING****YOU WILL SEE THE WORD 'FUCK' A LOT IN THE POST BECAUSE I AM HAVING A TERRIBLE DAY WITH THIS TELEPATHY SHIT**** ***I should note that I wrote this yesterday. Today is an amazing day because I finally figured out how to deal with what you are about to read in my rant.*** MEDITATE FOR... Continue Reading →

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