03-01-2021 Spirit, is it unbecoming of a twin flame to moon the neighbors after a few beers? YES.

I got served the next day with an eviction notice. It probably did not help that I told the landlord in a text message that I thought he was a shmoe. I even prefaced it with, "You're a great landlord who delivers on time." I just finished it with, "As a person, I think you... Continue Reading →

02-18-2021 Spirit, in how many more days will Kieran be arriving in New Mexico? 3

Yeah, so I keep asking the pendulum every day if Kieran is still going to arrive this Saturday after over two years of no contact not because I want to know, but because something out there wants me to record all of this. All of it. Okay yes. I also keep asking to see if... Continue Reading →

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