03-22-2021 Second day working at Arby’s and the crew is cool!

***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD*** Yep! They hired this bitch. 🙂 I am so so grateful. A family works there and I love it. The older woman who interviewed me, Avila, is in her late sixties or early 70's and rockin' the drive-thru and the back line like any youngster. One of the cooks is her... Continue Reading →

03-16-2021 Arby’s called me for an interview!

Just thought I'd toss in the awesome news before I begin this entry. I combined March 16th and 17th and it's a short one. Here we go: Why am I only finding out about this now? *Snip of Rick's Quora post in his space Secret To Everything* *Quora post Rick Keene *Quora post Rick Keene*... Continue Reading →

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