11-02-2021 No twin flame or DM shit on this post. Just life.

12:59pm MTN. Listening, not to our playlist, but to this instead: https://youtu.be/7NOSDKb0HlU For breakfast/lunch, leftover pizza and a beer. And no, I did not make my bed this morning. Got home from work last night at eleven. Went right to bed. No writing. No weed. Nothing. I just wanted the day to be over. This... Continue Reading →

10-17-2021 I’d Like To Get To Know You Well

***DM THOUGHTS IN BLUE*** We did this kind of thing in junior high school with Slam Books. Remember those? Yes! Great! Let 's get started. I'm in blue. You're in black. Hey hey hey. Slow down. I was thinking I might be purple for this. Fine. Change the font color later. Type out the first... Continue Reading →

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