08-29-2021 Last night, it hit me. HARD. I would rather be with Chris than with Kieran.

Three nights ago, I had a dream about Kieran. Mom was in it, too. Weird, right? The dream is split up into a few parts. The first part is Mom and I walking into a bar and doing some shots. She is wearing sunglasses. In the dream, my cell phone rings and it is Kieran.... Continue Reading →

08-14-2021 The All Black Feather. Oh, and I spent two nights in jail week before last.

***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD TYPE*** "You're a dork." WHO'S A DORK???? https://open.spotify.com/track/2oDqmfa2g8W893LlwJG1qu?si=1cf33095ae904c92 Jail, Christina? But, let me explain why this experience was sooo important, love. You are not embarrassed to post this? Why should I be embarrassed to post this? Everything I write in my journal/blog is the absolute truth. I could give a fuck... Continue Reading →

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