09-05-2021 Dark Night Of The Soul Thoughts between a DM and his DF. (A twist at the end.)

***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD TYPE*** ***REMEMBER, WE HAVE HAD NO CONTACT IN OVER THREE YEARS*** Ever been through the dreaded Dark Night of the Soul? At least twice, I have gone through it. It is like a combination of the worst depression and Premenstrual Syndrome together all in the span of a few days. It... Continue Reading →

08-29-2021 Is it some sort of prerequisite to be assigned a narcissist or two if you are a twin flame or something?

***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD*** The phrases I heard the most with Mom growing up over the years were, and still are: "You are being dramatic." -This was when I was crying about something. "Why are you upset? It's stupid to be upset about that." "You are too sensitive." - Again, when I was upset or... Continue Reading →

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