10-04-2019 Why Doesn’t Your Twin Flame Even Want To Be Friends With You, Ghosted Without Saying Goodbye?

In a nutshell, and this is just based on my experience, this WHOLE thing scares the shit out of them. So, POOF! They are GONE. Like a fart in the wind. But, think about it from their point of view. (Or hell, from anyone’s point of view who is currently still ‘asleep’ to all this... Continue Reading →

10-03-2019 If you have a Twin Flame, do your own thoughts and questions get interrupted with answers?

Christ, my answers come quicker than the thoughts, in most of my cases. I will say out loud, “Yes,” or “No,” but couldn’t tell you what the question was that I was answering from him. I mean, it happens THAT FAST. I will even think to him, “Slow down! You’re thinking too fast.” And yes,... Continue Reading →

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