12-12-2019 Why do I start missing and mourning my TF when I’ve been happy for months focusing on myself?

I'm guessing it's because you are feeling them missing and mourning YOU. That's why you suddenly feel that energy out of the blue when you are doing well. It happens to me, too, sometimes. Any energy I feel that is suddenly disrupting my current awesome energy, I found must be my twin and something he... Continue Reading →

12-11-2019 As A Twin Flame Do You Ever Feel Unwanted by Everyone on this planet?

I was asked the question, "Do you ever feel unwanted by everyone on this planet, and it is a trigger and what issue is it connected to?" The following was my response: Thanks for the question. I wouldn't say I feel unwanted, but after trying to explain the TF Journey to my mom the other... Continue Reading →

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