04-28-2020 I Know I Shouldn’t Be Bored, But I am.

B-O-R-E-D ***DM thoughts are in BOLD type*** Ever write a word to much at once and then all of the sudden the spelling just doesn't look correct? For some reason the word 'bored' wasn't looking right. I love that meme. Meme's are pretty great. I was reading some Quora answers today. One of them had... Continue Reading →

04-24-2020 My Blog’s Stats Are Beginning to Skyrocket! Rockin’ My TF Journey.

***DM's thoughts are in BOLD type*** **ching** = the quick, little pops of arousal I feel in my pants whenever my DM is thinking about me. The following is a twin flame question I answered on Quora. I was tooting my horn for the amount of views in such a short amount of time: 394... Continue Reading →

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