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Any of you feel like your twin is speaking to you through music? The song that pops on either the radio in your car or in the grocery market just happens to be a song that relates completely to what you are going through with them?

Yep me, too.

This song to the left here was a song I had never heard, but found on some Spotify playlist and it grabbed me. Do you know I was able to put on my headphones, listen to this song on repeat, and walk from my previous home in Hermosa Beach to the location of my DM’s twin brother’s apartment, of which I had no recollection of where he lived? Sure, I had been there once, but it was a year prior and his brother took all these routes I was unfamiliar with, so I truly had no idea where he lived. But, damn if I did not find the place being guided by something through this song in the middle of the night. Between 3am and 4am, now that I think about it.

Think of your favorite twin flame song on your playlist. I bet it’s a song you have known and even loved for years. You just never heard the lyrics quite like you hear them now. Am I right?

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