dishember twnty-ninth uv too-thsand-two

Seriously, is the code necessary for everything we write? Not in your case anymore. Now that you have completely understood how to play the game, you have been giving A1 and the founding SRS a loud middle finger for the last few days. "Loud,"you say. How did I make flipping The Bird loud? You used... Continue Reading →


m3 wll saye dis: mye magik werks. pt curs onn me lndlrd m i l t o n cz hm chld twaffickr, nw himz bn sicke 4 2 wks nw. n allz I dide waz pt spll on hm so hmz culd nvr gt ewectshun agn. Oh well. Guess I need pwactice.

xmis juss unuddr dy.

mmme gng 2 da fbbeye 2 dy popo lyies, mymomndaddd lyies, evryyyy 1 n twn tnks evrytng fyne, bt tm here isss gng byyyy toooooo fst. snds mtl wz dare 2 wks agooooo,n popo n evryyyyy1 3lse sz gn 2 MNTHS ago wz blldzd dwn. luiiis chaaavez....waz 3333 yrs ooold lastttt munth wn wrkng wiff... Continue Reading →

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