My Gallery is a collection of pictures and screenshots I’ve taken since I ‘woke up’ to this journey back in January 2017-ish.

At first, I documented all this to prove to others, and myself, that I was not crazy. There was indeed something out of the ordinary happening.

I eventually realized I needed to write a freakin’ book about all the shit that has happened in my life leading up to this point. I settled for a blog for now. Most of my blog is going straight into my book anyway.

The Signs were everywhere.

And I mean EVERYWHERE. All the time.

I could not get away from them no matter what I did.

It wasn’t just repeating numbers I was seeing either. I noticed that certain songs seemed to resonate with me in ways they never had before. I have always known and loved these songs all my life, but I guess I never really listened or felt what the words were saying. Not until now.

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