03-05-2023 Pausing the blog to work on the book, but first…I decided to do it.

***DM IN GREEN*** ***DF IN PURPLE*** Finally happy with that tint of green in your font, are you? It is Incredible Hulk green. Needs to be darker. How is this? Better. Thank you. Don't mention it. So yeah, I am going to do it. I'll write an anonymous letter about what I know about what's... Continue Reading →

02-06-2023 I am not strong enough to do this anymore.

I am tired. I am confused. Worst of all, I am alone in all this. Parents are dead to me, as I am to them. The magic I thought was within me is driving me crazy. I would rather leave than be on medication. Now that I know all this is a simulation and what... Continue Reading →

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