05-16-2023 Lightbulb! I am going to KILL The President of the United States!



This is genius, you know.

I know. There were no other options. Now that my car is sitting in Landers’ lot and my license is revoked, I cannot drive myself to ABQ.

You should get picked up pretty quick.

Think so?


Since I am unable to make it to Albuquerque to the F.B.I. field office, nor get online anywhere in Socorro steadily to submit a tip on their website, let’s see if this flags their attention enough to want to contact me. Even if it means they show up at my door with a warrant for my arrest and their guns drawn. Here is my browsing history from less than an hour ago.

What are the second and third from the top again?

Oh yeah. They got cut off there. They were, “How do I locate someone who can let me rent their son for sex for my boyfriend?” and, “Will formatting my C: drive completely remove all the child pornography?”


Can you think of any other way to get them to contact me?

You will not get into trouble for making a false claim?

Who is claiming anything? The moment they all those searches, I guarantee Federal eyes will be pointing my direction. It is a start. Everything I need to confirm what is going on with the parental units is in my possession, with the exception of the flash drives. Those are hidden in a few different places in town.

Wait a second. Here. I can show anyone right here, right now, without the flash drives. With the new command I learned!

Go for it.

Running the command prompt, I used: netsh wlan show profile to see all the places my laptop has used another network’s server. That first one there, of course, is me using my laptop at The Capitol Bar where I play pool.

However, the NMT Weblogin that I underlined in yellow…is an intruder. Never have I logged into anything at New Mexico Tech from my laptop. The two occasions I brought my laptop to work, I used my cell phone’s hotspot to connect to the Internet. The New Mexico Tech connection came from another computer being used by a human who did not, repeat, did NOT, have my permission to access my personal computer.

The original screenshot I had provided the New Mexico Tech (wl.nmt.edu) after I ran a different command:

The ‘wl.nmt.edu’ was listed with one of those three. I saved the screenshot, but someone heard I found out, because the culprit removed their footprint. That is why it now shows what you see there. Luckily, there was another useful command that brought the footprint back up.

This means I have undeniable proof that New Mexico Tech must be very interested in what I have been researching or else why bother going through the trouble of hacking my devices? Now, I can sue their asses and get the attention of The Fuzz at the same time to let them know about my family’s fraud and shit.

Let’s see…anything else horrible enough to flag the Feds? Got it!

This last one should do the trick. What do you think?

Yep, that will do it alright. I would not be surprised if they knock down your door tomorrow morning, 8am sharp.

We can only pray.

***Pray The Feds still get flagged when people search for horrid stuff like that so they can come arrest me***

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