05-02-2023 DM: Let’s play reverse pendulum. It’s been a while. ME: I’m down.




Okay so how are we going to do this? We haven’t used the pendulum for over a week.

Wait a second. Really quick, why is The Mamas making those funny, but weird noises in the hallway?

She is playing with Domino.

Oh, okay. I couldn’t see them. Now they are both on the bed and she is giving him a bath. One of them has their motor on pretty loud. Let’s see if I can grab a picture .

My girl! That’s the money shot right there. Her head between her legs licking her butt. Legs in the air. That is fan-tastic.

Domino kitten is on the left. The Mamas, is the neighborhood hussy from across the street. Domino is hers. I had no idea she had him. Her tummy was poking out the sides a bit a while back, she did not come around much for this latest litter. One day I come home from work, and the neighborhood kitties are waiting at my door for their dinner. Moving fast clutching my purse, phone, food, and goodness knows what else, I manage to open the door, drop my stuff and grab the bag of cat food. This happened in less than twenty seconds. As I turned to go back out the door, this little black and white ball of fluff runs past my feet and into the house.

“Ohmigosh! Where did you come from?”

Hooked him up with something to eat and then he crawled into my lap and went to sleep.

Crap. Now I gotta keep him.

The next day, I discovered he belongs to The Mamas.

It’s the three of us now. They bring me lots of laughter. Lots of joy. Thank you again, by the way. Ready to play reverse pendulum? Who starts?

You go first.

Sweet, thanks. Okay, here we go:

Answer: “YES”

Question: “Was the tarot video I watched a few minutes ago accurate with regard to what I am headed towards?”

Man…no way. This is too awesome.

I love your face right now. The expression is adorable.

Blushing…blushing. You are always watching me, aren’t you?

Pretty much, mhmm.

For how long now?

All together?


I will tell you, but after my first question.

Cool beans. Start thinking of your question.

Answer: “NO”

Question: “Does she know who her Divine Masculine is in the physical yet?”

You butt! He was not supposed to know that.

You are so funny. Stephen is sitting right here laughing his ass off.

Is he? Tell him to kiss mine for me, will you? Please and thank you. And if he is sitting right there, who the heck are you, hmm? No wait. I can find out. Hang on…

Okay, back.

Okay, now…Which one are you, Lurky McLurkerson? Which sets of those beady little eyes belongs to you two cocks sitting there laughing at me?

Holy shit! You are killing us!

Understandable, though. We have messed with your mind so much about DM’s physical identity.


And We want to apologize for that. We had a bet going, you and I. We made a bet with each other the day we kissed the twins goodbye, left them in Dad’s very capable hands and went to report for our mission on Earth. In the now.

The look on your face right now is priceless.

So, wait…You-know-who is aware of all this, too?

You don’t even know who You-Know-Who is.

Do one of you goobers want to tell me? I called it Quitsies on our bet months ago, remember?

Fine. Stephen, you’re the drummer. Will you give us a drum roll, please?

He is doing it. You just can’t see him.

I believe you, now please. I need to post this and get to bed. It is 3:15 in the morning.

Okay…here goes.

Christina, the physical embodiment of your Divine Masculine, your other half, the Ying to your Yang, the peanut to your butter, the Gomez to your Morticia, the-

Fading here!

You should get some rest. We are laughing too hard right now to concentrate on giving you the answer, anyway. But, you have sweet dreams and we will talk to you in the morning. Love and miss you, babe.

Y tu, tambien, papi. Buenas noches, amor. Te amo.

Oh…my…gosh. I love it when you speak Spanish!

And just like that, I now have a POSITIVE ID on my twin flame. 🙂

Night night, boys. I love and miss you, both.



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