04-29-2023 Working all weekend. Easy peezy.



That is not funny.

Oh, come on. That is damn funny.

We’re serious. Do not leave that on the post.

Leave what? You mean you do not like your true identity being called out on the post? I mean, why not? This is a blog about my life experiences ever since you guys and gals decided I was the perfect candidate for this. As long as there is exploitation going on, why not jump on that band wagon myself?

They are your fingers. You seem to think you know what you are doing with this post.

I do. In addition to that, it is so much better not living in the fantasy land created by Assanine Intelligence. (No way. I spelled that correctly? I thought for sure the spell check would pick that up. No wait, there it is: asinine.))

You crack us up. Now, when do you-

Wait, wait. Quick question, if I may? Am I intoxicated in any way right now?

Not at the moment, no.

Would you agree I have complete control of all of my bodily functions and human emotions at this moment?

We would agree. Energy is through the roof, too.

What conclusion would this bring us to with regard to my current state of mind and well being?

That your attitude and perceptions of what your life really is have improved substantially. You are more aware of your reality, such as it is, and you have learned to accept it. We were never here to hurt torment or stalk you. Quite the contrary. V ery good, Starseed! You are using your fingers and eyes instead of your eyes and keyboard. These workings are mysterious to your human self because humans were specifically programmed to never believe nor understand the powers that most of them possess.

It is cute when you guys interrupt what I am saying, or what you are saying, to give me kudos. Thank you. It makes me feel like I am on track.

You are working on something you have no idea is already long finished and is circulating all around the globe.

You keep saying that. Damn… My right hand’s finger tips are frigging’ cold right now. Only a couple on my left hand, my pinky finger and ring finger.

The cold happens because your ‘Divine Masculine’, and in this particular case, your handler as well, is using his energy along with your energy to move your physical body’s fingers on the keyboard. The picture on your desktop captures him moving your hand holding the pendulum.

Oh my gosh, yes! Never have I caught anything like this on camera or video. That hand is what moves my arm to move the pendulum. Trip…the…fuck…out.

Speaking of tripping out, late last night I was looking for my weed pipe. Gone. Not sure if I accidentally tossed it or what, but having weed with nothing to smoke it out of is a bitch. You must know this.

We call upon Google who suggested a fantastic website with minimal ads.

The Apple Pipe, eh? You will never guess who just happens to have an apple. This crazy bitch.

The instructions say to core the apple. What do I core the apple with? Would the tool used to remove the top of a tomato work? Because, while I do not have a tool to core an apple, I do have a tool to remove the top of a tomato.

That red tool is the coolest thing ever! The first and only time I had ever seen one was a few months ago at work. Chef Stephen introduced it to me and never in my life have I wanted to remove the tops to every tomato in the kitchen like I did that afternoon.

How, on this simulated Earth of ours, did that red tomato tool end up in the top drawer of the desk next to my computer stand? Never have I needed to take it home, yet there it was.

Any guesses? Especially to anyone who may be reading this blog with the letter ‘S’ as the first letter of his first name? The culprit needs to know that every time I see some evidence of his being in my home without my knowledge or consent, a huge smile creeps up on my silly mug.

These little stalker ways of yours only turn me on, you know.

This is, by far, the best experience I have ever had with regard to a guy trying to let me

know he digs me.

***Back in a bit. Need to get ready for work.***


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