Journal Entry 03-25-2023 This journey has absolutely nothing to do with twin flames.

After what I discovered this evening whilst downloading a few background reports for my, uh, family tree project I am working on, it is clear to me that I need to stop the research, keep my mouth shut, and just write the damn book. If I do not, they will do to me what they did to Stan.

Or worse, kill me.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not mind kicking that bucket after we write the book. Source tells me I have a date with Mr. Reaper after the book is published and it is because of what I write in the book. someone, a man, will read my book and because of this, will set forth a series of events and movements that will be a major influence on how things are run on this big bad, made up world of ours. Here, I will give you a hint. Ever see that YouTube video of what A.I. came up with when it was told to create a city? Ever see the movie ‘The Terminator?’ How about the movie ‘They Live’?

It is true. The only reason I have been under surveillance for the last year and a half, and that is just the time frame I am aware of, is because they know how I came to this conclusion. They know I have a wee bit of proof. It was not hard to attain once I began connecting all the dots since moving out here to Hell on Earth, Socorro New Mexico. What triggered my personal investigation and research? Too many people out here have the name JOE. Or Richard. Or Benjamin. Lorenzo. The last names Silva, Jaramillo and Gonzales. The women? Either Elena, Elizabeth, Elaine, Kay, Kathy, or Katherine. Ann’s, Ruth and Marie. Roberts, Richards, Anthonys, Toms, Williams. All the natives out here all have one of those names in their name. Why? Why the heck are so many people out here related? Cousins. At some point, you cannot call all this shit a coincidence. So, I began to work backwards with who was born where and when and from whom. Why do those of us with these names have the exact few similarities? We have the power to either move things with our mind, know what is going to happen before it happens and in some cases, both. Also, our birthdays happen to be either around the first of the month or within a few days of the prison riots out here in Socorro where many lost their lives. Why is it our fathers and/or great grand-fathers just happen to be in the military? Why does my digital compass say NORTH in some spots here in town, but my real compass turns to SOUTH in those ‘NORTH’ spots?

Why are most of us adopted? There is so much more, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Stan Romanek is a starseed as well. Years ago, he went public with the documentation of his experiences with live contact with extra terrestrials. If you are interested, check out the documentary on YouTube called ‘Extra-ordinary’. It will blow your mind because it is all true.

Stan collected information such as dates and times of these alien encounters. He captured every single experience either on camera or logged it in a journal. When he woke up in the morning with injection marks on his body that were not there when he’d gone to bed the night before, Stan logged it. He took pictures. His wife was a legit witness to all these events. These encounters went on for years. Wild, right? Stan wanted to let the rest of the world know what was happening to him.

That is when the random hang-up calls began. The telephone would ring, he or his wife would answer, and there would be no one there. But, only at first. Soon after that, the voice on the other end would tell him to stop talking about it or they would hurt him and members of his family. Stan went for the gusto and actually went on national television, 20/20 or some shit like that, and told his story.

Guess what ‘They’ did to him for pulling that stunt? They completely destroyed his life and any credibility he had. Child pornography was installed on his computer without his knowledge and he was arrested. Have any guesses as to who installed the kiddy porn? I assure you, it was not Stan and it was not his wife. With the help of the media and eventually, the Internet, a smear campaign began and did not stop. You can see this in the search I made below by just typing in his name.

If those sneaky bastards can do that to Stan’s computer for opening his mouth about the aliens they already knew about and were trying to hide, they can and will do it to me when they find out I know what this “Earth” his really made of and how it got this way. Mind you, someone has been helping me by accessing my computer and installing some information that is leading me to certain websites to help direct me to the correct puzzle pieces. I still do not know who this person is.

The Manhattan Project. The Trinity test. Comet headed towards Earth. NASA unable to divert/destroy it.

“Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999.” Were all you aware singer/song writer Prince was a twin flame? His mission? To make songs like this. To help warn us just like the lightworkers making the movies I just mentioned.

The Mayans. I think they were right all along.

Alien species from different plants have been warning us to not mess around with the nuclear information given to humans way back when. YouTube has lots of interviews by abductees explaining exactly that. Aliens tell some of these abductees that they have been on Earth watching and observing for years and years. This is to make sure humans do not do any worse that we have already. Unfortunately, the narcissist prick physicists decided to go ahead and build a bomb anyway. What better way to try and prove to the rest of the world that they really do not just have three inch cocks. Look! See how big our bomb is? That means our dicks are bigger than yours! Penis envy is real, folks. And it is a major problem.

It was Trinity that did it. Trinity. Think about that for just a second. Trinity. The Father, Son, and whatever the fuck. The population will one day discover where we all got the ‘holy Trinity’ from. Not today, though. Not even tomorrow. If our people found out what really happened as a result of our stupidity and arrogance with that nuclear bomb, rioting would ensue at the break of dawn.

That first test did not just do all that damage to the land surrounding the testing site. Oh, no. The blast of that one nuclear bomb threw Earth and the rest of the Universe off kilter. The specifics on what that means, I have no clue. It just fucked things up in a very, very bad way.

The energy feels like what a group of kids who just got caught doing something terrible and trying their best to hide it.

No really, here me out on this…It makes sense.

Let me post this first and begin what I mean on the next post.

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