“BLOG – PAUSED – FOR NOW. Starting to put the book together.



What’s up, people? Deciding to start the book, I am taking down the journal. Changes will be made to the layout as well. You may see a few things UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Thank you for reading. Truly, I did not expect anyone but one person to be interested in all this. Color me shocked as shit when I saw 131 followers. Do not fret. Anything new and exciting will definitely be posted. I am pretty sure at some point, we will all find out the true identity of ‘DM’. Maureen is still missing. Just vanished out of thin air.

Then then, there is this pesky thing with the narcissist assholes of the Manhattan Project who are looping themselves into every new simulation of Earth after discovering time travel some time ago. Socorro, New Mexico is another Bermuda Triangle. This is where camps of women, natives and Spanish, were held as breeding tools for a few of the loopers, including Robert Oppenheimer, contributed to the semen provided for these embryos. But, not just the physicists. The two dead in the Roswell crash E.T #1 and E.T.#2, contributed some blood to these as well. Stem cell shit and Mayor Richard Riordan….THIS is the reason Socorro is filled with so many fucking Joe’s and Joseph’s. Ben or Benjamin. And Richards. Richard Joseph. Joseph Richard. I thought it was fucking nuts that so many of the men out here look like either my father Robert or my uncle Ernie. They are loopers. Odd that when I confronted my parents about it a couple months ago, that is when the threats began? They suddenly wanted to know my location after I turned off my cell. They never needed to know where I was in the past? Why now?

The women: E’s. For E.T. Elenas, Elaine’s, Elizabeth’s. All the research I have done in the last year to prove this is happening now has to be put in chronological order. Those of us who are aware of the SIM we are in, do not talk about the SIM we are in. If we do, we get random text messages from what looks like a spam text, but is really a ‘shut your mouth or you will end up in jail’ announcement.

Anyhow, I will be here and there, so keep the notifications on. If you are interested in a personal reading, please contact me, ‘Mike Jones’ at:


Readings are $20 for a half hour read and $40 for an hour read. (Remote viewing sessions available-price to be determined. I am will ing to travel for sessions,, but on your dime.) All readings I record will come with a private link to view it on YouTube as many times as you like. Payment methods I use, are:




Contact me for those Ids.

Oh, and Wayne’s mother Liz is just fine. I spoke with her, briefly, to wish her a happy belated birthday. She sounded meaner than she used to, but she did say she does not like being there. (At the assisted living.) Art did not kill the narcissist bitch with a pool cue like I was told by the pendulum/Source/Pain In My Butt.

Ran pretty far with that one, didn’t you?

Oh, bite me.

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