03-05-2023 Pausing the blog to work on the book, but first…I decided to do it.



Finally happy with that tint of green in your font, are you?

It is Incredible Hulk green. Needs to be darker.

How is this?

Better. Thank you.

Don’t mention it. So yeah, I am going to do it. I’ll write an anonymous letter about what I know about what’s his face and butt head and the whole situation with ole girl. Sending a copy to the F.B.I. sounds good, too. How can I be right about so many other things and not be right about this one thing?

You are right, you know…

Yep. I know. Or why act so weird around me when I start asking questions about her? It is his mother. He hated her, too. Pension goes to the sons if she is dead. She is dead. I feel it in my bones. But, let me back up.

The first post I wrote about feeling that one of my buddies may have assaulted and killed someone was this post:


That was in 2021. Fast forward to when I moved out here in July 2019.


I hate when you do this.

Do what? Get ready to explain something and then up and dash it out of here?

Seriously. I’ll be right back and give you all the latest on this situation.

***Back in jiffy***

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