02-06-2023 I am not strong enough to do this anymore.

I am tired. I am confused. Worst of all, I am alone in all this.

Parents are dead to me, as I am to them.

The magic I thought was within me is driving me crazy. I would rather leave than be on medication. Now that I know all this is a simulation and what happens after physcial death, it shouldn’t be so bad.

No more for me.

Choose someone else for this mission.

One thought on “02-06-2023 I am not strong enough to do this anymore.

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  1. Christina…I think you are amazing! I am sorry you are struggling. I know it is hard… but you do have magic within you… you are connected to all things and you are not crazy… you are just learning. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to grow and learn… you are stronger and more valuable than your mind would have you think 😘😘😘
    Check out The Conduits on YouTube… you have friends there… trust your journey!

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