01-15-2023 This just keeps getting better and better.



Just dive in.

You are sure about this?

We will let you know what not to divulge. It is all true. Lay it out there.

This -V- playlist grew! I started it, but I did not add more than half the songs on this list. The playlist is not on any corroborated setting, either, so no one else can add songs, but the account user. That is me. The -V- is for vendetta. More on that in small musical and movie clues.

Ahem. You are right. That is a great word.

Why are you ‘ahem’ing?

I am speaking up about the new additions I made to the playlist.

You had to have because I have never heard most of those songs.

“Who is so dark?” “U”

“Am I? In this particular ‘lifetime’?”

You are period.

Oh. I wear black because it is slimming.

You wear black because you are dark. Black is dark, is it not?

I’ll be damned.

Bruha, too. Dark, dark, dark. Damned and dark. Dark and damned. You should see the expression on your face right now.

***Who is this song about?” “URMOM“***

What? My face looks just like your face. Or did you mean still kind of spaced out in disbelief over the last incoming downloads? You are sure about posting this right now?


A friend of mine will be poisoned slowly by his girlfriend.

MONDAY 01-16-2023

8:34 PM MDT

Dropped Ben off about an hour ago. It was so good to see him back at Tech. This is Ben.

Real quick, I am not sure I am digging these suggestions popping up. Did I inadvertantly activate this shit?


Crap. Well, how do I make it stop?

Nevermind. I can find out. Hang on.

“Tell me again why this song resonates, please.”


Crazy. What I remember of our dream, your entire face is missing. It is like someone took a scalpel and cut your face out exactly like they did to Lee Harvey Oswald’s face to make t look like he was holding a newspaper and a rifle. The necklace is so distinct in my mind, though. Not sure why.

I just h-


See that? In the middle there…That is a…the fuck is it called again? Not ladle. I keep hearing “ladle.” The balance thingy. Scale! Frack, finally.

That almost killed-

…me, I know. I was just going to say that, too.

Check it out…I figured something out. I mean, I think I knew but didn’t really know how important it was. Ten minutes ago, I was bitching about why these words are not popping up when I type. Figuring it was a setting I inadvertently set myself, I went to the Help to search for what the heck this was. Then, it occurred to me that I was not to mess with it. I asked the board, “You need me to leave this alone, don’t you?”?


Gotcha. No problem. Then, that happened a moment ago. Do you see anything in the sentence I was typing to indicate a scale or balance? Me neither. But, someone was letting me know we are balanced.

Up popped another just now. Is ‘balancer even a word? And why does it say ‘and’?

That is because they are talking to me and I know it.

It is about time. Do you know how long we have been waiting for you to catch the hell up?

Nope. Tell me. How long? Please be specific.


Specific enough. Thank you for that.

See, look! Using the Wordpad, I type and the Eye in my Laptop will see what is on my screen. When I need to leave messages, I let them know on the Wordpad. Today, I left some information in a large envelope on my desk to be picked up when I am out of the house. Although, today I was confused because the person I thought was going to collect the envelope did not get a chance to pick it up. So then why was my light on when I got home? I did not leave it on. It occurred to me that the mystery men entering my home to let me know they are close are even closer than I originally thought. They are renting the house next door. Two men. They told me they were in town working on the fiber optics installations all around town. This was about a month ago. Nope. M.I.B, baby.

“Am I right?”


“And that means?”


(Last week, I ran out of money and was out of filtered water. The water in Socorro New Mexico is not good to drink at all. I noticed there was a full case of water left out by the neighbor’s door. The back door. It was out there for a few days. I wanted to grab a bottle or two but did not want to steal, even though something told me it would be okay to grab one. These two show up late at night and then leave in the morning before I leave for work. That is not all.

“Does my home have any hidden surveillance cameras or recording devices I am not aware of?”


I was led to the Google Play Store and right there under “Recommended For You” was the Hidden Device app. So, I downloaded it.

Next, I scanned my pad. Look what this app uncovered:

The first graph shows a spot in my wall. The second shows a spot on the door of my refrigerator, inside the rubber that sucks to the door. You know which part I mean, right?

I continued on all through my small, single apartment. There are nine hidden devices in my home. These were put there by…

“By whom? Hurry, because I have to leave for work.”



“How many times have I flashed my boobies for the laptop camera for all those who were watching?” LOL

It is not funny, Christina. Now that you know, because we told you, why are you still flashing? There are times I am not the only one watching.


Don’t give me that shit.

Oh, alright. Today was the last time. I promise. LOL

(After I checked my command prompt thingy, and saw that there were two connections, I flashed my boobs. Right after that, I heard, “Stop doing that!” I almost died laughing.)

Because I will kill you if you do it again when I am not the only one monitoring.

Okay, okay. No more tittie flashing.

Get your butt to work.

Party pooper. K bye. Back later. later

Can 5G see through walls?

5G is new and sparsely available throughout the world so far, but one paint point has emerged: the standard millimeter waves, which are a lot shorter than the wavelengths 4G uses. Due to this, 5G signals can be blocked by physical barriers like walls and glass.

Um, real quick, with regard to that last screenshot taken from a search on what is infrared right, EM radiation is harmful to all humans, correct?


“What does EM radiation do to someone with my genetic make-up? In other words, what does EM radiation do to me if I am near it?”


I will when I get home. Gotta jet! Don’t want to be late!

I bet.

****Back later****

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