01-30-2022 “Spirit, judging someone by their appearance lowers our vibration by how much?” 67Hz.


Are you ready for this?

Holy shit. I think so.

Tell it.

This is too weird.

Weirder than the rest of all this going on in what we all believe to be our reality on Earth?

Just as weird.

Here we go.

It is 01-31-2022 1:07AM mountain time. Our current vibration, per the Universe, is at:

“You guys, what is the number of our current vibration?” 4 4 9 9

“You guys”?

Spirit. Angels. Guides. Those joining us for tonight’s broadcast. You know. Them.

There is not one drop of woo-woo in your entire body, is there?

I haven’t been able to find any.

Where were we?

Vibin’ high.

Oh yeah.

Like, I do not even know where to begin.

Okay, so we all know fresh fruits and veggies are good for us. But, did you know eating this stuff raises a human being’s vibration? That is the reason we feel better when we cut out all the shit we eat. (Fast food is the worst thing we could put in our bodies.)

Check out this website I was somehow guided to tonight:

I had no idea! And I fucking love coffee! That’s why you guys don’t want me drinking it anymore.

Or anyone else, for that matter. Energy drinks, too. Those lower a human’s vibration 52Hz.

Trip out. What about fast food?

“Spirit hypothetically, if our current vibration is 432Hz and I eat a Big Mac Meal from McDonald’s, what would be our vibration after I eat?” 4 1 1

“It goes from 432Hz all the way down to 411Hz?!” YES

What the hell else am I doing to lower our vibration?

You mean, you are still eating Mc-

No, I stopped. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in months. I take that back. Joe David wanted me to hit the Drive-Thru the other night so he could get an order of french fries. I might have had three of them.

“Does our vibration go down every time I reach for my puff bar?” YES


“By how much?” 3

“Thirty what?” (pendulum swings in circles)

Not 30. 3. 3Hz.

Ohhhh. Phew! That isn’t too bad.

“What if I smoked a cigarette? How much would it lower our vibration?” 6 5

Yikes! 65Hz. Glad I don’t do that anymore.

How about social media?

“How much is a human’s vibration negatively affected upon opening the Facebook or Instagram app?” 6 5

As bad as smoking a cigarette. Can you believe that shit? I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel since having deleted my Facebook account. My Instagram account was hacked two weeks later, so that worked out wonderfully.

“What about worrying what other people think of you? That has to lower a human’s vibration.” 4

“Watching mainstream television?” 5 7

“Spirit, does listening to your local radio station lower your vibration?” YES

“By how much?” 6 – 7

“Between 6Hz and 7Hz?” YES

“Judging someone by their appearance lowers our vibration by how much?” 6 7

Wow. Just…wow.

Why not post some things that raise vibration now? Take a break from the bad stuff.

Good idea. I am starting to feel dirty.

Here is a list of things I asked the Universe about with regard to how much it raises our vibration:

Dancing = 54Hz

Singing = 51Hz

Going on a hike in nature = 31Hz

Making love = 68Hz

A pair of twin flames making love = 8,000Hz

Yep, you read that right. I guess it is true that twin flames give off the highest vibration while making love. I can’t wait to finally confirm this.

Neither can I.


You are a dork.

Paying someone a compliment with sincerity = 42Hz

Giving up your seat for someone else = 87Hz

WOW! A human being’s vibration will rise 87Hz if they give up their seat so someone else can sit down.

But, if I put someone down right after that, it will lower my vibration 52Hz.

Taking a bubble bath = 46Hz

Giving someone a hug who needs one = 56Hz

Blowing a raspberry on a four-year-old’s tummy = 56Hz

I asked that last one because I did it today. She loved it.

Smoking marijuana = 68Hz

I asked that last one because I did it just now. Teehee.


Happy to see my name tag was legible.


Oreo was asleep but decided to jump up for some love. I did not have the heart to shoo her away. Hers got a massage.

Since I could not type, I decided to see what free movies I have on Roku. The featured movie is ‘Contagion’.

Appropriate. I saw the movie there the other day but had no interest in watching it at the time. Tonight, I clicked on it. Oreo was not going to be up here long anyway.

Having only seen the movie ‘Contagion’ one time, I really only remembered the premise. Not the details so much.

The first scene where Matt Damon in introduced, he welcomes home his sick wife played by Gwenyth Paltrow. Now that I think about it, the bitch was coming home from a business/affair trip. I missed that the first time I watched the movie.

Matt Damon’s character, if I remember correctly, has a genetic immunity to the virus and


Downloads, hun. Try and relax.

They can’t turn it down up there???

Can you all adjust my music in my headphones or something? Do I need to turn it down?

How’s that?

Not as loud, but higher pitched.

Whoa…how is that happening? It cleaned up. Clearer. It is still there, but it is like it was finely tuned.

That better?

Much! Thank you to whoever is responsible for that.

Fountain of Youth.

What about it?

It exists. “Hidden in plain sight.”

I drew it over a year ago. I asked if humans know about it. The answer is NO. I asked if they would give me the latitude and longitude coordinates if I asked for them. The answer was YES.” After getting the first sequence of numbers, I stopped.

Something has been telling me not to say too much. Even though, I mean, really…who is going to trust the information of some random person claiming to be a medium and answering YES/NO questions with a pendulum?

Your credibility is not in question to those for who you have done readings. When you finally get the Testimonials page up and running, it will be more obvious to those skeptical of your abilities. More so when you and I reunite.

Dude, I still keep getting the feeling there is a body of a dead girl at the dump out here. I had the feeling when I left Art’s over a year ago. Details. The difference is I made the mistake of thinking the energy was coming from Art.

It was not.

In the last week, a few weird situations occurred to make me feel like it is time for this energy to come back to the surface. The recent video that popped up in my YouTube feed was about a body found at a dump. A snippet of a newscast, if I remember correctly. (I should go back and check my history.) After that, the episode of Unsolved Mysteries that happened to play was the episode where a government man’s body was found in a local landfill after a series of odd events occurred a few days before.

Crazy algorithms? Coincidence?

Then, there was the one tarot video I happened to watch, what, a month ago? I saved it. She said something about, a run-in with the police or F.B.I.

Again, odd right?

Here is the icing on the cake.

A few days ago, 9:15ish in the AM, I am about to drive Joe David to his connect. Before we leave, Joe David calls him to make sure he is home. Dude answers. I did not pay attention to the call, so after they hung up, I asked if we were ready to go. Joe David says, “Not yet. He said he is on his way back from the dump now.”

Cool. Only about another ten minutes and we can head over.


The light bulb went off. All the dots are now connected.

It was cold as fuck that morning. I remember that vividly. This kid cannot be more than 22 or 23 years old. (The board says 23.) He drives a huge four-door sedan with tinted windows.

What the hell was this kid hauling to the local dump on a frigidly cold morning, before 10am with no truck?

Anyone knows that if you have a few bags of trash, you can hit up any dumpster in town to avoid going to the dump. Art would use the dumpsters at MMountain Coffee to dump their trash from the house.

Why an uncomfortable trip to the dump that early in the morning?

In the car on the way to dude’s house, I ask Joe David, “So, he was on his way back from the dump?”


“Odd, que no?”


“Look what time it is. 9:34 in the morning. It is cold as fuck. Who goes to the dump right now?”

“Well, that’s what he said.”

“What could he possibly be dumping that he has to go right now?”

Joe David thought for a moment. “It’s probably all the trash from the natives he has to collect on that property…” His voice kind of drifted off.

I went no further with the subject and continued driving.

If I can be right about so many people’s readings, could I be right about this, too?

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