10-11-2021 Found Us An Illustrator For Our Book!


Not once did you ever mention to me that you could draw.

Not once did you ever mention you could not draw.

Fair enough.

We never talked about anything. The only time we spoke longer than ten minutes was that night in your apartment. And what did we talk about? You. We talked about what you wanted in life, where you wanted to go in life, that kind of stuff. I remember thinking it was weird that you were newly engaged and did not say, “we,” or “us”, when referring to your future. “We” and “Us” as in you and your new wife.

Not only that, here was a guy who just made the decision to marry someone and start a family, but you moved her into a smaller place. Nothing about that new pad of yours smelled like a place you would want to start a family. I found all that interesting.

Yes, I know. You mentioned it more than once.

Just saying.

No, you keep saying.

I do. I really do, but babe you could totally be the illustrator of our book! Check out what this guy does:

Imagine…a book of our real life twin flame experiences laid out like that with your drawings and our telepathic banter while in physical separation? Bitchen, right?!

Why not your drawings?


You are the artist in our family. Not me.

Here are the drawings that came out with your energy in me strong:

Then there is my energy. It looks like Mikey from Monsters Inc. in drag.

Christina, he is supposed to be an Angel.


Right! I see that now!

Quick question. I have picked up saying the word “apparently” a lot lately.

What’s your question?

Does Kieran use the word “apparently” a lot?

Ask him.

“Spirit, does Kieran use the word “apparently” more than the average human being?” YES

LOL! Awwwwe. Is he like this little cute little guy?

This video is three minutes and worth the watch.

This next picture is the most recent that came out while channeling my friend Kaily’s grandma Judy. Kaily’s mom Jolene and auntie Geraldine where also there when it came out:

When I was done, Kaily handed me her phone and showed me this picture of her grandpa Ramon.

Crazy cool, huh?

Jumping back on the band wagon. Beginning with October 5th:

I could wrong about all this. But if I am right, wouldn’t that be some shit?

Jumping to October 11th. The dates in between are in the last post. I pulled the Astral Sex Q&A post a few days early, because we needed some cheering up.

Kieran does not speak or read Spanish. DM knows this.

While posting that last picture, I heard the thought, “Why not let me be Harry Potter since you have the costume?”

Ohmigosh! I never thought of that! Kieran would make a cute Harry Potter in the cloak, Gryffindor colored tie and scarf, the glasses, a little lightning bolt written with a Sharpee on his head, the wand…Babe, I have the wand.

A Sharpee?!

I meant eye liner.

I’m off to post October 14th. Back in a bit.

Laters TwinFlamers.

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