09-18-2021 “I’m ready to come out and play.” -Universe, by Kids of 88


I know. I haven’t been to the bar to play pool in over a week. With all the catering events going on at work, I had no energy to go. One work day was a `fifteen hour day, the next was a sixteen hour day. I turned down the Catering Captain position, by the way.

I don’t blame you. I don’t know how she does it.

Who, Vivy?


I know, huh? She practically does the catering job all by herself, works hellish hours and is still a fantastic single mama to her eight year old and thirteen year old boys. She is my hero.

Ohmigosh, babe. I just got here. I will work on them later.

I am just reminding you. You need a lot more work on your bank shots.

Bank shots, schmank shots. Just let me cut them. You know I can.

There’s that cockiness showing again.

Ah HA! Cockiness or confidence?

And besides, what’s wrong with showing a little cock? 🙂

Babe, Kieran’s gonna crack up when he hears how I found out he no longer works at Kensington.

Tell him now.

Oh right, like he even reads my-


Oh, fine. I should have taken a screenshot of the email I sent them.

You didn’t. So, just tell him here.

Wait, what did it say again? The email I sent?

I hate when you do this.

What, stall?


Didn’t you want me to mention the all black feather?

Do this first.

Or would you rather I practice my bank shots now? There is no one on the table. This is a perfect time to pract-


Crap. I left my cue at home. I should really go home and get it.


So pushy. Were you serious when you said you would get me a breaking cue?

Yes, now please tell the story.

Okay, so I wasn’t 100% sure whether or not I was supposed to initiate some sort of contact with future baby daddy, since I keep hearing that physical Union obviously cannot happen when there is no communication. First, I needed to be sure within myself, that contacting him was not a sign of ‘chasing’. That this was merely a way of unlocking the door I apparently slammed shut and locked some months ago.

You just referred to him as ‘future baby daddy.’ That’s adorable. (Get that out of your head. You, me, him, us…it is all the same. It is US. Do not feel you have to change the way your write our thoughts in your blog simply because you read somewhere that physical Union will not hit unless you refer to you and your counterpart as “Us.” Not one twin flame journey is the same. Not one. I hear you say ‘us’ and ‘we’ all the time. It just comes out of you. That is how you know we are balanced energetically and are One. Okay?)

(Okay hun. Because, I was tripping on that for a bit.)

(I know. That is why I said something.)

Anyway, doing the first thing I did last time to get Kieran’s telephone number when I was living near him in Hermosa Beach, I Googled him. I did not have as much success this time, however. WhitePages online? Three disconnect recordings.

By that time, I asked the Universe whether or not this was good enough for now. Seeing as though he already has my phone number, or can at least get it from my Facebook profile info now, and if he wanted to call, he could. He knows he can contact me through Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. If he reads my blog, he can easily see my email address. A four year old hacker could contact me if they wanted. However, something tells me he is not communicating because he wants to

Surprise your ass?!?! Jesus Christ, Christina! When are you finally going to get this?!


I will in a second, babe. The Cap’s owner Joanna is here and sitting right by the door of the bar. I cannot just run out, smoke a nug and dash back in smelling like a skunk.

You never know. She could genuinely think it was a skunk that smoked that bowl.

I never thought of it like that. See? That is why were are best for each other. It’s that kind of out-of-the-box thinking.


That guy was not bad. One more game or two for him to warm up and he would have killed me.

He did beat you…

No, I know babe. That’s why I feel like at his best, he could probably kill me on the table. I love playing pool with people who are better than me. I learn so much.

Say, when I am I going to get to play a full game with Kieran? Hmm?

You know exactly when.

Is it what I am thinking? Err, when I am thinking?

Bust out your little pendulum and ask.


DON’T WEAR THE BLACK SWEATER! Please…I will not be able to concentrate.

Do you remember all that shit you gave me before we kicked your butt out of the bar? About not being able to play pool well with distractions?

Yes…why do you bring that up now?

Crap. Fine, but I am not playing you for money. Not if you wear the black sweater. Plus, do you know how hot it is going to be here in Socorro during the month of October? I’m talking heat waves, babe.

Why do I feel you are full of shit right now?

It’s the heat! I told you!

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