07-25-2021 A quickie before the Astral Sex Session story on some stranger’s boat.


You realize how fricking embarrassing this is?

Yes, I do. Let him hear about it. He deserves to.

Deserves to see what kind of fool I was when I was just waking up to all of this??

Well, yes.

Why? Besides, I doubt he even reads my blog.

Oh come on. You know this is funny. He will some day.

Fine. But, if I am going to do this, no sappy songs like the one that just popped on. Deal?


I’m skipping to the next song.

Much better. Thanks.

Dude, I am not even sure this was the first astral sex session with you. What about that time in The Dildo Karmic Wesley’s chair?

That was the second time.

Are you sure?

Yes. That was more like astral oral sex, if you remember…

Hee hee. Yes, I do remember. That was the craziest, coolest experience I have ever gone through.

You are getting off track. Tell the story.

Oh yeah, okay. I cannot believe I am actually going to write about this. Here we go.

Let me hit my puff bar outside real quick.

I got your ‘puff bar.’ Just write it already. Quit stalling.

What if whomever owned that boat where this happened finds this blog one day, reads this post and decides to come after me? This is practically a confession.


Great. Other twin flames are going to read this and not trust the telepathy with their counterparts after this, you know…



(5:01pm MTN…after 1 Jager shot, 1 Bud Light in a bottle with a lemon wedge and a Fire ball shot.)

I can’t decide whether or not to give this guy my number.


This tall 23 year old cutie named Eric here at the Cap. I noticed him last week. Tall, handsome, and at first I thought it was Chris. This kid has a great smile. I am a sucker for a great smile. He sat down next to me a little bit ago and I struck up a conversation.

“Hi. I’ve noticed you been hangin’ around here quite a bit lately,” I started.

“Hi,” he said. “I could say the same about you.” And then that smile.

“You any good at pool?” I asked.

Oh brother.

“I’m alright,” he replied.

SCHWING! When I guy tells me that, all I want to do is play him.

I cannot believe you are posting this.

Oh, what’s the big deal? I am posting truth about a 23 year old I wouldn’t mind showing a thing or two. And I don’t mean on the pool table. (Unless he is into that.)

Oh my God.

Relax, babe. I just found out he is not available. At least, that is what Cierra just told me. Cierra is a bartender here. I thought the girl he is sitting next to was giving me weird looks and sure enough, Cierra says that they are just starting to see each other. That explains the daggers she was shooting at me while we were chatting over her. I won’t lie. I love it when women get intimated when their man starts noticing me simply because of pool.


Call it what you want. It feels great. It’s hot, too. It is not my fault their girl is that insecure that they feel they have to shoot dirty looks at a nice person chatting with the person they are with. I wonder if the Crazy Gold Digger Karmic ever not liked me chatting with Kieran?

I am not sure she ever saw it. Not til the night she came home early.


That is not funny.

No, awkward was what it was. We weren’t even doing anything.


Wait, what’s that supposed to mean????

You have to leave now if you are going to go make dinner for you and Wayne.

Why did I sense jealously in that last thought? Wayne is just a friend.

With whom you fuck occasionally.

So what? He’s a friend with benefits. He has so much of your essence in him anyway. In a weird way, it’s like I am fucking you, too.

That will not work.

Nuts. I don’t care who you do while we are not in contact. Why would you care who I do?

I am going to close out my tab and jet.


Be good to yourselves, people. Oh and stop watching main stream television. It is that crappy programming that enforces the strength around that awesome ball of energy inside each and every one of you from which you are trying to break free.

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