07-05-2021 Me? A Twin Flame Coach? K, fine, but I’m not charging for this shit.


I don’t know about this, dude…

Yes, you do.

No, I don’t. Allie keeps mentioning it to me, too. Telling me I should look into coaching other twin flames because she thinks I am good at it. I don’t know if I am cut out to be a coach in all this. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t sugar coat anything. I can be impatient with people when they are told something over and over and over and still go, “I don’t know what to doooo.”

Some people like it when someone tells them the blunt truth. Those are the people who keep coming back to you for advice on this. Take Matthew, for instance. He told you from the beginning you do not sugar coat anything. He waits patiently for your readings every week.

True. I don’t like giving someone bad news, though. Sometimes I hear something that is bad news for them.

That is not something you can help.

Yeah, I know. But, I don’t like it. I get all sappy and will cry sometimes when it is bad news.

You get all sappy and cry sometimes when it is good news. That isn’t the first time it has happened and it won’t be the last. It does not matter whether you are a coach or not.

Damn. Excellent point.

But, what the hell do I know about this stuff? Other than what I have researched online. The Twins could get the exact same information online themselves.

They do not know what to look for. Most do not know where to begin. You can help them with that.

Oh, okay. I see what you mean now.

You know, I pulled some cards for a girl today on Facebook and two cards popped out together while shuffling and they weren’t for her. They were for me.

The DIVINE MASCULINE and UNION cards? Did you like that? Kewl, huh?

It was awesome! I had to first confirm with the pendulum whether they were for her or me because I was shuffling for her. After I pulled her first card, The Separation card, and continued to shuffle, those other two just happened to be the only other two cards that were faced backwards in the deck. That is how I saw them.

Yes, I know.

Wait…did you have

something to do with that? What do you think?

Think or feel?


Considering you have not yet answered the question, I am going to use logic and say ‘yes’. This is all still so trippy. I feel like I am living my life in a movie. Though, I do know now that I am not crazy or a head case of any kind. All this is has started happening with too many people for it to not be real.

You feel like something this amazing could not possibly happen to you.

Well, there’s that. But, also….this is all something we would see in a movie.

You have seen this in movies. More than one. You hear it in music, too. We have had starseeds and light workers delivering messages to the masses on Earth for years.

(Song playing: ‘Try Again’ by Aaliyah)

For how long now?


For how many years has the Universe been giving me subtle hints about who I am?

Seven years.

I was woken up only three years, though. I think. When did I move in with The Wesley Narc? I met Kieran January of….


That ‘Angel’ song Adonnis added to the playlist by accident, by the way.

That was no accident, Christina.

Can I consider my readings to be coaching?

Sure. Answer questions without getting upset or frustrated with your seeker.

“Upset” is a touch much. Impatient, maybe.


Oh, alright. I can get impatient. That is why I prefer to record my readings and send them off instead of doing Zoom meetings.

Can we think and write about something else please? What’s this about the Divine wanting me to start doing my readings with no tarot cards?

No cards period.

I don’t understand why. Its not a problem or anything, I am just curious as to why this is suddenly coming up.

There is a difference between being a medium and a tarot card reader.

Yeah but, they are both technically messengers, right? I should change the name of my side hustle from Twin Flame Tarot Yo to Don’t Shoot The Messenger. LOL

You did not let me finish. I was going to say while all mediums can be tarot readers if they wanted to, not all tarot readers are mediums.

I got that part.

You are a medium and the rest of your life’s destiny is to assist humans with the acknowledgement of the other energies that they sometimes run into. Clear out the baddies and give messages to those who cannot move on because their loved one has passed. Like Ambrosio.

You just used the word “baddies.” Teehee.

Will you focus please?

Oops. Sorry.

Post some of your cardless readings on your YouTube channel. Get them out there. You have been guided to get all your testimonials together and organize them and you still have not done that.

Is there some kind of time crunch on this that I do not know about?


Well shit, babe. I had no idea the testimonials page was at the top of my To-Do list.

That’s a crock. You are still afraid of being successful at this.

Am not.

Hey, um, not to change the subject, but…is there a specific reason this song just popped on? (Song playing: ‘Touch of My Hand’ by Brittany Spears)

Yep. I knew it. Well sir….

(That really took off, didn’t it? I started with the two first emojis, but then I couldn’t just stop there.)

Night night. Til the next post.

**P.s. I tried calling Kieran at the Hermosa Saloon yesterday night. I hung up after the person answered the first time I tried, chickening out. Then I called back and asked if he was working that night and she told me he wasn’t. I said, “Thank you,” and hung up fast! I am such a dork. (slaps forehead)**

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