07-02-2021 Twin Flame Questions Answered With a Pendulum-Are any of these yours?


Over the last three years, since awakening to my twin flame journey, I have done lots of reading about the journey, what the purpose is, what to do, etc. Throughout the website and forums, I noticed we all have lots of the same questions. For instance, what is the difference between a starseed and a lightworker?

Here is a website that breaks it down pretty simply:

*snipped picture from the website below*

Click the link to view the article: https://souls-space.com/difference-between-lightworkers-and-starseeds/

Cool, right? Now that I know the difference between those two, how about the difference between a split soul twin flame, a Monodic twin flame and and E.T. split soul twin flame?

Here is the best answer I found on the Quora app-a fantastic place to get your twin flame questions answered:

All this time I thought we were just split soul twin flames. But, if our soul is made up of more than one alien species, that would make us a pair of E.T. fractals. Remember when I asked Spirit what kind of starseed we were? We got these answers back:

We would have volunteered to incarnate on Earth for a twin flame journey more than once. In fact, let me ask real quick.

“Spirit, how many times have we incarnated on Earth specifically for our twin flame journey?” 7

Get out. No way.

“Spirit, Kieran and I have done this twin flame journey thing SEVEN times?” YES

Trip the fuck out. Well, I’ll say this. I am tons more confident we got this in the bag. What is strange, is at the beginning, more than once, I had the feeling that we have done this before. Now, I know why.

Babe, that’s how I know we are already going to know what to do in the bedroom. We will remember what to do.

I get nervous that my human body will get in the way of some of what I want to do.

What do you want to do that you think your human body will not be able to do?

I’m afraid I am going to pop too early for you.

Awe babe…That is not the first time I have heard that from you in my head. 😦 Please don’t fret about that. Sure, the first time we do it, because of the anticipation and waiting all this time, you will probably cum faster than a 14 year old. 1111% normal. Plus, you do know we are going to do it again, right? The fun part is going to be all the practice we will get discovering these bodies of ours from this lifetime. I am kind of curious now to see what bodies we had in our other twin flame journey lives.

Wow. Seven times we have done this journey. No wonder we know we can get through all this. At least I do now. I am not sure how far behind your avatar is.

Not, too far, thank you very much.

We are doing fabulous lately, babe. I feel it. I feel it in you, too, because I am not in a pissy mood for no reason and I haven’t burst into tears out of the blue for at least a week.

I miss you.

I miss you, too. I can’t wait to see your face. I can’t wait to touch you. To hug you. Feel your chest against mine again with that hug. I can’t wait to take off your pants and see what you are packing down there.

You really do not have a filter, do you?

I thought you knew that after just having observed me at the Saloon? You didn’t hear my mouth?

Ohhhh yes.. We all did.

Well, okay then. Hey! You just had the thought ‘You talk to much sometimes.’

You do.

Oh, I know. I was just surprised you had the balls to point it out like that. Like that one time at the bar when you said something, like, “Maybe she could if she wasn’t always talking.”

Haha! I remember that. Good times.

You butt. Ahem. Moving on.

Since uploading tarot videos from my phone is taking forever and a half, I decided to try something a little different. I am going to channel the answers to the questions some of you readers have about twin flames and make a video showing the pendulum answer them. The thing is, I think Spirit wanted four videos.

“Spirit, is that right? You wanted four videos for the collective?” YES

You got it. 🙂 Let’s do this. These are the questions below. At the bottom, you will see a YouTube video where I’ve recorded four separate sessions of the exact same question. Choose ONE session to watch. The other groups are for other eyes and ears. There is group 1, group 2, group 3 and group 4. They are time stamped, so you can just click right to the beginning of the start of your session. The video is at the bottom of this list of questions.

  1. Is my twin flame going to marry the karmic?
  2. Does my twin flame love me even after the things I said them?
  3. I am positive my twin does not want to see me. I am blocked on their social media accounts. All of them. Will I ever be able to reach them?

Okay, I just heard, “Don’t drive the car.” I do not know who that one is for, but Spirit thinks driving past your person’s home, office, yoga class/spin class, is not fooling anyone. They have seen you. More than once. Quit hiding. (LOL)

5. Is my twin happy without me?

6. Is my twin seeing someone else that I do not know about?

7. Has my twin woken up to their twin flame journey?

8. Is my twin researching twin flames on the Internet?

9. Is my twin hiding their true feelings for me from their family?

10. Is a no contact/ physical separation necessary for us to heal?

10 1/2. Did my twin and I agree to a no contact separation during healing before incarnating on Earth?

11. Am I chasing my twin if I check out their Facebook page at this point in my journey?

12. Am I ready for Union with my twin?

13. Has my twin learned all their life lessons?

13 1/2. Does my twin know what life lessons they need to learn before we can reunite?

14. Does my twin love themselves?

15. Do I have to stop smoking, drinking, gambling before I can be reunited with my twin?

17. Is the person on my mind a catalyst?

18. Have I met my twin flame yet?

19. Am I a medium?

20. Is it OK for me to love someone else I connect with other than my twin flame?

21. Am I destined to have children with my twin flame?

22. Can I do magic?

23. Does my twin peep my social media?

24. Does my twin WANT to contact me right now?

25. Would it be in my best interest to initiate contact with my twin flame at this time?

26. Am I trusting my intuition?

27. Am I currently with my karmic?

28. Do I have a soul contract with the person I am with?

29. Are we E.T. split soul twin flames?

30. Are we Monodic twin flames?

30 1/2. Are we split soul twin flames?

30 1/2. Are we E.T. fractals?

31. Do all twin flame couples end up in romantic relationships?

32. Am I destined to end up with my twin flame?

33. Does my twin speak to me using music?

34. Does my twin listen to our playlist?

35. Is my twin still with the karmic?

36. Was I witch in a past life?

37. Am I a star seed?

38. Am I a light worker?

39. Is all this shit fucking real?

40. Should I call my twin flame?

41. Does my twin have an addiction they are working on right now?

42. Am I mirroring my twin?

43. Does my twin hear any of my thoughts in 3D?

44. Does my twin flame know they are a twin flame?

45. Am I chasing?

46. Am I running?

47. Is my twin awake?

48. Will I get the job?

49. Am I watching too many tarot YouTube videos?

50. Am I focusing on me right now?

51. Am I meditating enough?

52. Will my mother ever believe this is real?

53. Can I astral travel?

54. Have I experienced astral sex with my twin flame in the physical, during our separation?

55. Do I listen too much to other people and seek validation instead of making decisions on my own?

56. Am I ‘doing the work’?

57. Will he get custody?

Okay, this next one I had to get confirmation on first. Apparently, it’s legit. Someone, one day reading this, is going to shit when they see this next question:

58. Is Perry from the office stealing my lunch?

59. Should I stop seeing my twin on the side?

60. Am I aware of what my twin flame mission is?

61. Am I working on twin flame mission?

62. Do I have to be working on my twin flame mission by myself first before we can reunite?

63. Will my twin and I be going through more than one physical separation?

Only take the questions you have indeed asked yourself. If the question does not resonate, do not pay attention to the answer given by Spirit. Watching more than one video will only give you different answers, because you are only meant to view one video. Enjoy!

Video 1: 0:00

Video 2: 15:59

Video 3: 30:29

Video 4: 44:44

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