03-22-2021 Second day working at Arby’s and the crew is cool!


Yep! They hired this bitch. 🙂 I am so so grateful. A family works there and I love it. The older woman who interviewed me, Avila, is in her late sixties or early 70’s and rockin’ the drive-thru and the back line like any youngster. One of the cooks is her husband, Jesse. Their daughter Sara is my store manager. Patrick is another store manager who has worked with all three of them for years. Sara has a nine year old, almost ten, whom she picks up from school every day and brings to the store to do homework. She is adorable and looks just like her mama. She comes in and runs to hug her Grandma and Grandpa when they can come out from behind the counter. Her name is Allison and she loves to read. Adorable. She told her mom the first day I was there, “I like her!”

I told Sara, “It’s the nanny in me.”

Next, part of my stimulus hit, so I have part of something to get both Oreo’s ass and mine out of this mobile home park and into a new place. I was shocked as shit to have checked my balance and found some of it there. Like, WOO HOO! I can sock it away as part of a deposit for the next pad.

You are probably wondering, “What’s with the bowls?”

I know exactly what time that was, too! HAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, no. You’re right, hun. It is not funny.

Err no wait…twice! Twice! NO WAIT! It was more times than that. Let me get-

Oh, go get your board.

On the fly,

Spirit, is the amount of times I have intimidated Kieran, before physical separation hit, a two digit number? NO

Spirit, how many times have I intimidated him? 5

I decided to turn the camera on to find out when all these times occurred. It started off as a bad case of the giggles. If you are interested, you can watch it here:

Moving on:

Thank you IMDB for Mr. ElKadi’s info. I only knew him as Mr. ElKadi in the 8th grade when he taught juggling class. He was the coolest teacher ever!

I had a reading tonight, 03-25-2021. I always put them in my journal. You caught this one.
Page two of Cynthia’s reading.

It’s late. I am off to bed. Arby’s at 10am tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you Jeebus!

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