03-16-2021 Arby’s called me for an interview!

Just thought I’d toss in the awesome news before I begin this entry.

I combined March 16th and 17th and it’s a short one. Here we go:

Why am I only finding out about this now?

*Snip of Rick’s Quora post in his space Secret To Everything*
*Quora post Rick Keene
*Quora post Rick Keene*

We had a great time!

Moving on. Happy March 17th! Apologies on the light green ink. I believe I switched up when I saw how hard it was to read.

Joe is our new driver in the park. When he dropped off my pens last week, Oreo Kittee was basking out front, but then jet back into the house when he got out of his truck. He says, “I like your little black and white bull dog you have there. I have always wanted one of those.”

Light bulb!

“You don’t say, ” I said back to him. “There is a chance I will need to re-home her because I have to move in a few weeks. I do not know if my new place will allow pets and I do not know anyone who would be able to offer her a good home.”

We go in the house to get him to meet her and he even got on the floor of my bedroom with me to peek at her and say ‘hi’. He was very gentle and sweet. We exchanged numbers and he left. Right after that, Oreo caught a lizard, brought it into the house and started to play with it. I shot him that video and he loved it. If I have to re-home Oreo, I now have a good candidate. A family guy with two “crazy little boys” who love animals. The it is ironic that one is his little boys is a ‘little Joe’.

The Arby’s request for an interview could not have come at a better time, too. Woody’s still hasn’t called me since I dropped off my application a few days ago. Keep in mind, I post these a day or two after I write them.

Check out the lyrics and a snippet of the song here: https://genius.com/Elvis-presley-angel-lyrics

Also, more YouTube videos of some of what I go through with these journal readings and DM chats on my channel uploaded as well. Click TF Mission up at the top of this page and then INSTAGRAM.

I’m out and off to post the next entry. Have a fantastic day, y’all. No more main stream television, k?

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