03-12-2021 Spirit…Crap. What was the question?

It could be the Attention Deficit Disorder. It could be the mari-ju-wanna. Who knows? Anyhoo, moving on.

The days are going surprisingly well considering my dear, sweet landlord would like me to pay or quit by March 31st. Accepting that I cannot do anything other than what I am doing until that tax refund deposit hits my bank account, I continue to do what I am doing. Plus, I understand that the cops are not going to be at my front door at the end of the month or anything. The guy had another guy give me a Xerox copy of a letter that my landlord signed. It was not notarized. It was a template with some code on it saying pay or quit by March 31st, 2021. It was something I could have printed out myself and was not official in any way. That is the first step. If he sees I am not out by then, he can then start the legal eviction process and that can take another couple of weeks, I’m sure. (Actually, I asked the pendulum and it said 5 weeks, but who knows?) Don’t get me wrong. I am anxious to leave this spot and find another, but why worry about it until the money hits my account and I can actually look for a new spot.

Here we go:

Here I thought I had this great idea. Then it occurred to me about an hour ago that WINE tasting is ALCOHOL tasting. Not a fantastic idea for someone trying to lay off the sauce. (Major forehead slap with an added eye roll.)

It is also awesome to find out the man you are going to be with is down to get freaky in the bedroom.

Oh fine. Isn’t that typical?

Nuts. Why not?

After a break to run to the store for some Claritin and a six pack, we’re back. Oh, and I snagged the last four pack of donuts. Major impulse item. I went strictly for the beer and the allergy meds. I came back with those two and the donuts. What can I say? Danger would be my middle name if it weren’t already Marie.

Actually, when I asked if there was more, it was the ORANGE MARMALADE.

Now that I have clear nasal passages, I am going to hit the sack. If I am back in an hour, it means the NON DROWSY part of the Claritin stood up to the name. (Why I took the NON DROWSY after 9:30pm is beyond me. I’m a twin flame. Not a genius.)

Here is a video of some of today’s journal time. Laters, awesome souls.

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