02-14-2021 Valentine’s Day Post. No physical contact for more than 2 years so far.

Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Today I began with just a message to kick off the journal entry with regard to the sudden flood of thoughts I started receiving this morning. Being surprised at the topic of thoughts that hit suddenly this morning, I jumped right in. It changes what I thought was going to happen a tad, but not much. Admirable. This is going to be crazy cool if this all goes down the way it has been coming out in the last year with channeling and asking questions with a pendulum.

There is a link to the audio recording for when I did this located here: https://soundcloud.com/twin-flame-tarot-and-codes/twin-flame-recording-vday-2021/s-FkYJqDaxbgn. It is just me recording what I do every day. You can hear me pull the letters, work the pendulum, ask the questions, cough when taking hit off the bowl of weed, listening to the New Beginnings playlist. I had to cut it short because a major *ching* of arousal started and I did not want to record that. Plus, it is over an hour long. No one but Kieran is going to be interested in sitting through the entire thing, right?

“Spirit, what message would DM have for me on Valentine’s Day?”
“Spirit, what message would Kieran’s DF give him for Valentine’s Day?”

I have no idea why Monday keeps popping up in the letter messages. That is twice now and I still do not know how it is significant. Spirit says the message is correct, so…

My Instagram Pick A Card for VDay

Selenite: Ace of Chalices: I feel like someone is envisioning a long night of just talking and making love. I feel room service and keeping the blinds drawn and eating and resting and then making love again. I also feel like this is coming for a couple of you. I feel like a big talk is coming. I also heard just now “lot of tears”. But, the happy kind. And speaking of tears, I’m feeling the water energy of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces DMs. ♋♏♓

Sack O Budda Green: 8 Of Swords: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Flamin’ hot! This is a naughty group and I applaud all of you. πŸ‘ I feel like the DMs in this group are imagining doing it with you in a spot where you could be possibly caught being seen doing it. They love the naughty side of you and they are thinking about that today wherever they are. This is strong air energy Libra, Gemini, Aquarius. β™Žβ™Šβ™’

Amethyst: 3 Of Pentacles: Our beloved Earth signed DMs, Taurus, Virgo , Capricorn. The homebodies are wishing they could be in a homey environment, all cozied making dinner together, a bottle of wine, some smooth jazz playing, nuzzling up to each other as you eat sitting together on the couch and watching your favorite movie. ♑♉♍

Take care ya’ll. Click the TF Readings/Testimonials tab up top if you are interested in booking a reading.

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