02-11-2021 Spirit, did Jesus rise from the dead? No.

Getting right down to it, I asked Spirit for a letter pull for a beginning message before starting my journal entry for February 11th. I got this:

After asking Spirit if the message you see in the picture was correct, YES, I moved on to my journal entry:

I jumped right into February 12th’s journal entry:

‘Leavin’ On A Jet Plane’ by John Denver. https://genius.com/John-denver-leaving-on-a-jet-plane-lyrics

‘Jet City Woman’ by Queensryche. https://genius.com/Queensryche-jet-city-woman-lyrics

Considering I’d just stopped my period a little over a week ago and I thought it odd that it did not last as long as it normally does, I also asked these questions on the fly with regard to the last few questions:

“Spirit, what day of my menstrual cycle am I on?” 8

“Spirit, in how many days will I be ovulating?” 7

“Spirit, with a letter pull, can you please tell me how Kieran is spying on me?”

The 1 WEEK was a real surprise. And again folks, who knows if all this is correct. If not, no biggie. It’s a blog. But if all this does happen, wouldn’t that be some shit?!

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