02-10-2021 Spirit, have I been the ‘runner’ longer than I think I have?! YES.

Oreo Kittee walked across my keyboard and changed the font somehow. It doesn’t look too shabby, so I will keep it like this.

Today’s post is both February 9th and 10th. The 9th is so short because I got bummed out after only a few questions. Things didn’t get picked back up until the next day on question #4. Since I started recording my journal times and posting them on my YouTube channel, I was also going to post this particular day. I decided against it because it gets pretty personal. The feelings it generated were not good and I felt it best not to post it. It was deleted from my phone.

Ado and I went on a hike and I do not know what made me start with these questions, but I did. Probably not the best idea.

For the readers, Kirk is my twin flame Kieran’s identical twin brother.

**Strange that the song ‘Brothers In Arms’ by Dire Straits just popped on as I type this. Every time I hear this song, I think of two brothers fighting. I don’t know why. It is a song about something else entirely, but I think of brothers fighting when I hear the words ‘brothers in arms’. Just weird that it would pop on as I type this and I am not speaking out loud. The Universe knows I attribute this song to conflict with Kieran and his twin brother.**

Adonnis and I went on a hike in San Antonio, New Mexico. It is called The Canyon Trail and it is a beautiful twenty minute drive from my house. The walking is four miles round trip, I believe, but I cannot be certain. It is a beautiful trek and we love to stop midpoint for a smoke session. We listen to music, take in all the wonderful energy, laugh, catch a buzz and then finish the hike. I love these times with Adonnis. Once April hits, it will be warm enough to do the full moon shroom hike again. The first one we did took us all night and it was AMAZING. Five miles with a few stops to just stare at the stars while trippin’ balls. That night I remember he told me my aura was pink under the moonlight. Auras I have never been able to see around people. Art once told me he saw purple around me when we were hanging out months and months ago.

This SO would be me and that SO would be Kieran. Google Images snip from the movie ‘Parenthood’.

Well, no shit.

What the heck happened that questions #34 and #35 morphed into one question is beyond me. I just now noticed it. When the writer is a dork, I suppose this kind of thing can happen. Onward:

The first video I ever made for him was back in Hermosa Beach. I recorded some other pool player saying that he beat Kieran out of some money. I sent the video to Kieran and he came right over to the bar. I remember he pulled up fast not ten minutes after I’d texted him. He looked fabulous. I remember saying out loud when I saw his Jeep pull up in the back of the saloon, “Fuck yeah.” To me, he was like a knight pulling up on his steed to show his lady he was not going to let some other pool player talk shit about his pool playing. But, he was a total dork around me yet again. Was that the night I smacked your ass? I forget what night that was. God you looked good.

This was a reading for the collective I put on Instagram.
“Spirit, what message do you have for me with regard to the ‘delay’ regarding Kieran?”
‘Spirit, what were the signals that made Kieran believe I was his twin flame?”
I asked Spirit what the ‘VID PROOF’ was and got this.

Have a great night people reading this. And for the love of Joe, please stop watching main stream television.

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