12-24-2020 More Questions Answered by Spirit about my Twin Flame Journey.

Journal entry for today. I am a few days behind and will post the previous couple of days after I post today’s post. I am getting to know my Spirit Guides and it turns out I can chat with them using my pendulum board. I’ve got questions and they’ve got answers. If you are a twin flame reading this, you will be interested in some of these questions. Divine Masculine is either reading these or he isn’t. Hell, he probably won’t see any of this until my book is finished. That is probably a good thing, too. Some of the questions I ask are rated X. (Those I cover to keep from all of you…for now.)

Plus, who knows? Spirit could be bullshitting me on ALL this. Right? Though, Spirit seemed to know this one seeker I pulled cards for bought a bath loofah a day before her reading and therefore I knew it, so I mentioned in her reading to ‘go buy a new bath loofah’. I was again blown away when she emailed me after viewing her reading letting me know that she did, in fact, buy a new bath loofah the day before. That is just ONE occurrence of psychic-ish shit like that. Anyway, onward:

I was showing him a callous on my hand I was proud of getting because I was practicing pool every day. He was my unofficial pool coach.
And it was ONE Big Mac. With fries and a Coke.

***Quick Edit!***

Proof of some of the freak in me. I was sharing the link for this post on my Instagram feed just now and this is what I see in my latest web history for my phone:

I hope my Mom and Dad read this one day. 🙂

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