11-22-2020 Pendulum Q and A. Shane Glover is alive!

The pendulum works.  I do not know how it works.  It just does.  If I ask Spirit if I have red hair, it will tell me NO.  If I ask the pendulum if I own a cat, the answer is YES.

Questions I sincerely do not have the answer to, I will get the answers.  I asked Spirit if George Clooney had ever taken a ride on the ‘Lolita Express’.  I had no clue what the answer would be.  Spirit said NO.  I then asked if Bill Clinton had ever taken a ride on the ‘Lolita Express’ and the answer was YES.

It is not my job to convince anyone these are truths or lies.  Make up your own mind when it comes to Spirit and what you feel is really going on.

I ask important questions and no so important questions:

Was I raised by a narcissistic mother?  YES

Is DM, what I would consider to be, a picky eater?  YES

I ask DM questions merely for testing out the feelings and thoughts I get from DM. Wondering why I suddenly have this huge love for peanut butter, I asked Spirit if one of DM’s favorite foods is peanut butter.  The answer, YES. Not so important.  But man, it makes sense.  I even had the thought in my head yesterday, “You should dip everything in peanut butter.”

I can assure you, that was not my thought.

The more important questions are somewhat scary.  I realize these are the questions and answers I need to do something about.  And I mean, really do something.

I am going to begin posting my pendulum questions on my blog so that I can have the dates documented.  At some point, I feel like people are going to wonder about my credibility when it comes to the facts of some of these cases.  All I can do is tell them, “Shit people…I do not know how I know.  I just know.”  The only question that has not been consistently the same is when I asked if Donald Trump would be re-elected.  I was positive he would be, and Spirit said YES on more than one occasion.  Until voting day happened.  Then, when I asked, it was the first time my pendulum swung to the NO ANSWER AT THIS TIME

Did the man who stole Shane Glover from the park receive $2500.00 for taking him?  YES

I have no clue why I had the last name WALKER in my head for this poor kid. His last name was Glover. (This edit was made 11-24-2020)

Did the man who stole Shane Glover have a black swirly logo on the left breast of his shirt?  YES

Is Shane Glover still alive?  YES

(Tears and lots of them.)

Spirit, are you able to help me locate Shane Glover?  YES

Is the name of the woman who was killed at the Oslo Plaza Hotel Monique?  YES

Is her mother still alive?  NO

Is the woman she knows to be her mother still alive?  YES

Is her father still alive? NO

I stopped video taping every single session.  The answers do not change if I had to ask again and without having my own WIFI at home, it is a pain in the butt to have to always go somewhere to upload these huge files.  That’s one of the reasons I do not crank out so many readings for people.  It takes forever and a half to get them uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Spirit, is there fiber optic cable in my future to speed up my upload times?

Okay, I haven’t asked that.

What I am going to ask, is what city and state Shane Glover is currently living in.

I am going to ask what name he is going by now.

I am going to ask if he is living with any siblings.

I am going to ask if he is safe.

I am going to ask what his address is.

If my board can tell me whether or not I had steak for dinner last night, why can’t it tell me this way more important information? Especially if I was given this gift to do just this?

Fuck it. I am going to do it. I will get all the information I can and try and hunt down this little boy, who is not so little anymore, and see if he can be reunited with his mother. I wonder if she is even…..whoa…I just heard, “Yes, she’s alive.”

Holy shit.

he is unaware he was stolen

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