11-18-2020 ‘Death In Oslo’. Can I find out her identity?

The other night, I dunno, about a week ago, I decided to do some writing. I turned on my Amazon Firestick and for whatever reason, I could not get the YouTube app to get rid of that awful Wheel of Death that keeps turning and turning. I try Netflix and flip through movies I can have going in the background while I write. Something I do not have to concentrate so hard on to watch. The last few times I opened my Netflix, after clicking my profile I am immediately shown the picture of ‘Cheech and Chong – Up In Smoke’. Appropriate, I know.

This particular night, my Netflix opened up to the Unsolved Mysteries promo.

If Unsolved Mysteries had been the last thing I was watching on my Netflix, I would not have thought twice about it. Perhaps one of my devices caught me talking about it and some algorithm decided to send that information to my Netflix profile labeled ‘Christanch’ on my buddy Ado’s Netflix account. (Don’t laugh. It’s a pet name.)

So, I clicked on the episode ‘Death in Oslo’. I don’t know why. I just did.

I watched half the episode.

I thought about what I’d seen for a couple days and had some questions. I decided to try and get some confirmations to what I was feeling had happened to this woman. A woman now buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in…I am not even sure where. I would have to look back at the episode. I wondered if I would be able to get some questions I had answered with regard to her identity.

I grabbed my pendulum, some sage, my notebook, a pen and my board.

I burn sage to clear out all previous energies from the last time it was used.

I wait for the heart palpitations. Then the emotion will begin to kick in. Depending on the session or situation, it is either anxious, nervousness, sadness and/ or total exhilaration.

I always ask a few questions first to ensure my pendulum is working and Spirit is with me. I thank the Universe for these gifts and request truth to questions it feels I need to know for this particular session. It was then, that my heart palpitations began. You can see where my writing starts to get weird:

Someone came out in this session. I heard the thoughts you see there in writing. I continued with the questions.

Notice my writing changes.

I feel like this woman explained to whomever checked her into the hotel that she needed the room, was desperate and using a large amount of cash, convinced the hotel employee that she would be returning with a credit card to keep on file for the room. It never happened.

I feel that what I saw in the episode was incorrect with what investigators saw with each entrance into her hotel room. I feel like another person used her card key as well to enter the room.

The lack of interest of getting surveillance camera footage of her comings and goings told me the hotel and/or investigators were not too anxious to go further in finding out what happened there once ‘suicide’ was mentioned. My first feeling was she was like the Atomic Blond chick in the movie ‘Atomic Blond’.

I went further, then stopped at finding out what letters she has in her name.

By this time, I was tired, drained and feeling down. Like, melancholy.

I also told myself I need a bigger board for this kind of pendulum work.

It arrives next Tuesday. I want to see if we can get a name for her. I am not sure of her day of birth. Definitely born in 1960. She was 35 when she died. March.

I tried making my own lettered board. It felt like someone was helping me draw it. Though I am sure it was all me.

DM: I wish you had a ruler.

Me: I am beginning to wish I had a ruler.

It was hard enough staying in one spot for the 45 minutes it took me to do this. At one point, I was suddenly drawn to the smoke burning off the incense I had burning. It was so so pretty. Almost mesmerizing. I went to grab my phone to capture some video and that is when I heard the thought, “NO, no. Focus on this.”

It’s no wonder my little cousin Elena said I remind her of Dory from ‘Finding Nemo.’

It would also explain why I would ask my pendulum board if I have Attention Deficit Disorder and it would tell me YES.

Yikes, huh?

I am going to wrap this post and come back to this one when I get my new board.

The next post is actually a request from my DM. 5D, DM to 3D DM. Funky, eh? Check it out.

Laters ya’ll and for the love of Joe, stop watching main stream media.

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