11-01-2020 Message For The Collective-“Can we start over?”

This came out in my front yard about 10 minutes ago.

WOW! Awesome session that just popped out. I am not even going to bother with small chatter. I will post the links to the lyrics to the songs that played from my playlist throughout the post, as they are NEVER a mistake. Here it is:

I feel like, for this group of DMs, they are hoping for a re connection and request to forgive and forget. They want to start over. ‘Erase & Rewind’ by The Cartigans. https://genius.com/albums/The-cardigans/Erase-rewind-singleI feel like the red writing in the picture above is Spirit letting all of you in the collective know that you are definitely on the right track. Some of you are really letting go of the obsession to be with your DMs and are focusing more on career and what is in front of you. Some of you are either exploring relationships with others and/or contemplating going out with others.

717 is an angel number indicating TF union nearing.

I feel like there are a group of DMs waiting for that perfect right moment to make a move of some kind. That could be communication for those not in contact with their twin or if in contact with your twin, a gesture of talking or even an offer of some kind. Some actually might BE MOVING. (I heard “making a move.” “I want to date you”, I just heard.

(Song playing now: ‘Green Light,’ by John Legend (Featuring Andre 3000) https://genius.com/John-legend-green-light-lyrics

Hearing ‘Boys of Summer’ https://genius.com/Don-henley-the-boys-of-summer-lyrics, also makes me feel like once all previous relationships are gone and over with, that is when they are going to pounce. I keep hearing ‘pounce.’ Lion King. (Some of these DMs are way into Disney movies. I am just going to say that. (And it’s adorable.)

(‘West End Girls’ by Pet Shop Boys) https://genius.com/Pet-shop-boys-west-end-girls-lyrics

Some of you have twins at a distance from you. Some of you could have been born way far apart from each other…One on one coast, one on the other. One in one country, one in another…

I feel like


I feel like Spirit is also give you all props for dealing with your current toxic relationships, either with the Ex, the Soon To Be Ex, or Narcissistic Controlling parents and/or siblings in a healthy and positive way now. You are setting boundaries and holding them down. ‘Bitch’ by Allie X. https://genius.com/Allie-x-bitch-lyrics Some of you are saying ‘goodbye’ to those assholes. Some of you are saying, “I love you, but I cannot be near you right now.” (IE: family members) Healing is still taking place within your twin. Send them love from your insides and let them feel it.

(‘Missing’ by Everything But The Girl) https://genius.com/Everything-but-the-girl-missing-lyrics

They also miss you a SHIT TON.

Well, that was all that came out before getting the feeling I was supposed to post it for today’s blog post. I am currently still drafting my next post “Bi Polar Disorder or Speed Using Empath?” Be on the look out for that one.

Til then, take care tribe. Drink lots of water, take a walk in nature and for the love of Joe, stop watching main stream media. πŸ™‚

Taken today 11-01-2020

2 thoughts on “11-01-2020 Message For The Collective-“Can we start over?”

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  1. Thank you darling for the messages and the songs which I have added to my playlist.
    I felt my dm very strongly this morning and I felt so happy. Like he was getting himself in order for some move towards me. Regardless, I feel happy for him and for myself .
    Love you ❀️❀️

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