10-28-2020 ‘Stolen Kids’

***DM thoughts in BOLD type***

I remember when the very first episode of the television show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ came out. I was a kid, maybe 12 or so. (I would look up the actual date the showed aired for the first time, but it is not so important.) Robert Stack was the host.

The episode I remember back then, and for some reason the only episode I remember from that time, was the episode they did on The Queen Mary. It was pretty creepy. My mom and I were hooked and started watching the show. (I decided to Google it and here is the link I found to that episode: https://unsolved.com/gallery/the-queen-mary/ )

Yesterday, Adonnis and I decide to walk home from the coffee shop after work. It snowed the night before and, well, look at this view:

I was gung-ho and ready to walk to Ado and Talia’s house to hang out, eat some soup Talia was going to make, blaze and have a good time with my friends the way I always do when hanging out with them.

For whatever reason, not long after we began our walk home, I started to feel down. I am not sure why. I had no reason for feeling this way. Nothing had happened between the time we clocked out and started walking. I just suddenly did not have the same energy I had twenty minutes before.

Now, I wanted to go home, get warm and take a nap. I did not want to see anyone. I did not want to be on my phone or any electronics. I wanted to go to sleep.

Was I tired? Nope. I was wanting to go to sleep in the same way I would want to if I were depressed. I just wanted the day to be over. But, why? Where was this coming from?

I get home, get out of my work clothes and into my Hello Kitty pajama bottoms, said ‘hi’ to Oreo kitty, turned off my phone and tried to go to sleep. I heard the thought, “Wanna make love?”

“No, hun. Not right now. I just want to go to sleep,” I said to DM out loud.

I wasn’t feeling horny. Just bugged for some reason.

Why don’t you watch a movie?

Because, I don’t want to be on any electronics. I want to go to sleep.

***20 minutes later****

You are not tired. You are not asleep. You should just go watch a movie.

Fine. I will.

I get up, grab my phone and turn it on so that I can turn on the hot spot for my Netflix to run on my TV.

That is when I heard my notifications go off that I had a text message.

I was suddenly feeling better, got into my hiking boots since it was still very slushy outside and drove over to their house.

I still get a little sad when I pull up and little Mavis dog isn’t there to greet me as I pull into the parking spot. 😦

I walk in the front door and the first thing I see is Ado’s butt as he is bending over to try and get the little space heater started. Then the mongrels, (that’s Grizzly, Rebel and Boog), come rushing up to me to say their ‘hello’s. Talia is in the kitchen in front of the stove and on the stove is a huge pot.

I play with Grizzly dog for a few, while Talia cooks. Adonnis is ready to give up on the heater. We are having a couple shots and a dab or two.

After eating an AMAZING green chile beef stew, we all decide to watch some Unsolved Mysteries episodes on Netfilx. Her room is cozy and the three of us can fit on her bed.

Talia is way into cold case stuff and shows like Celebrity Ghost Stories. I have always been into them, too, but not as much as I have been recently.

They are apparently already 20 minutes into an episode called ‘Stolen Kids’. This episode is from season two, I think. Yep, I just checked and it’s episode six of season two. I had never seen it before and Talia gave me a quick run down of what the episode is about.

By this time, we had had a few shots of Vanilla Crown Royal, two huge bowls of soup and, a couple dabs a piece. I was more full than buzzed by this time.

She presses ‘PLAY’ and I upon hearing the voice of Robert Stack, I am immediately nostalgic, remembering watching these shows with my mom as a youngster.


Heart palpitations STRONG. My breathing is starting to get heavier and I feel anxious.

“I need something to write on, please,” speaking to no one in particular in the room. “A notebook, paper, pen…please…now.”

Both Ado and Talia know why I need the paper. Talia finds me a few pieces of paper and a pen. It starts coming out:





“Something on his cheek”



“No windows”

“Back open”

“Holding by feet”

“Someone in the back waiting in the van”

“White van, white van, white van, white van”

I was crying and then it stopped.

It stopped that fucking fast. I looked at both Ado and Talia. “It’s gone. It’s gone that fast. Will you date and time this for me, please?”

We had not even watched 10 minutes of this show when all this came pouring out. I went back to feeling the way I felt before we had settled in the bedroom before she started the show. Not only that, we did not finish the episode and I ended up leaving for the night.

It was almost like I needed to see just that snippet of that one episode and that was it. Why?

The thing is…I do not know how to draw in the slightest. But, I can SEE this guy. I bet I can draw him. Lame hair cut…like it needs to be cut on the sides. And porn-stache…like it was fake or just terribly trimmed. And sunglasses that looked like either a cheap pair or a pair that just didn’t really belong on his face. (Or he just has a funny taste in sunglasses.)

I started keeping a notebook of this stuff. I may even get a hold of the tip line and send them a copy of this post. I would include, as I always do when it comes to these channelings:

“Hey, I could be wrong. If I am wrong, meh. No big deal. But, if I am right? Wouldn’t that be some shit?”

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