10-23-2020 “She didn’t see it coming.”

***DM thoughts in BOLD type***

George Carlin is fucking hilarious. 

Chosen, too. 

Have you ever really LISTENED to George Carlin’s stand up comedy?

He speaks the truth about what is really going on in this world and he is funny when he does it.

I love George Carlin.

Do you really?

Yes, I do. 

Why is it I feel like I am discovering more about you in 5D than ever I have in 3D?

We did not talk much.

You were always running away from me.  Almost, like you thought I had The Cooties, or something.


No no, I mean in the 7 year old sense.  Like, here is this cool girl, and she’s reeeally cool and I like her, but I shouldn’t like her, but I do and I don’t know why and oh my gosh here she comes and then you start walking away all fast from me in the bar, or outside the bar or…anywhere, for that matter.

I get it.

I was scared.

Of what?



You know what I mean.

Um, no.  Or I would not have typed the “What???”

I mean I was scared to love you.

You are not the person I was brought up to be with.  It scared the shit out of me.

You are, aren’t you?

What, going to post this conversation? Hell yes, I am going to post this. 😊

Is no thought of ours private?

Babe, we have TONS of thoughts and I only share the few I am guided to share.

You are

What, full of shit?


Sometimes I am, yes.  But not this time.

I heard the thoughts almost as loud as I hear my own thoughts or your thoughts:

She didn’t see it coming.”

“She died doing what she loved to do.”

“It was an accident.”

“Big blue truck.  Big tires.  Boys.  They did not know they hit her.”

“She went after the lights.  Red and white lights.”

Adonnis, Talia and I were in the middle of watching the movie, ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ back at my pad and were right at the part where MacMurphy had just sneaked in the two hookers and booze and was throwing a party for the other ‘nuts’ in the ward for Christmas. 

Talia’s cell phone rang and after her first few words, I felt immediately something was wrong and I paused the movie.

“Oh my God,” says Talia to whomever it is that called. “Is she alright? Oh my God.  When?  Where is she?  Is she alright?”  She started to cry.  Then I FELT her pain and when she said, “Mavis…No, not my Mavis..”

This is Mavis. 

I took this picture on Talia’s birthday just two weeks ago.

One of Talia’s precious four dogs, passed away this evening.  Mavis was seven years old, forty-nine in doggy years.

She was hit by a truck.  A big blue truck with big tires.  I feel like they were boys.  Two of them.  Under the age of 21.  They have no idea they hit her.  She rolled under the tires.  They were going too fast round the corner and she got caught underneath.  They had no clue.  She was only chasing after the red and white lights.  I don’t know how I know this and at that time I had no information from Talia or Adonnis other than she needed to be ‘claimed.’

Ado took the phone from Talia, who is bawling her poor little eyes out. I am bawling FOR her and I FELT all her pain for her.

(This is hard, babe.)

I know it is. You can do this.

That’s when I suddenly started to see what happened. No wait…Let me go back a bit.

Ado takes the phone from Talia and speaks to, who I can only assume is the Animal Hospital or a neighbor or something. I still do not know.

He says a few things and then says to Talia, “Babe, I want you to stay here. I am going to go claim Mavis.”

Talia starts crying harder. “What do you mean, ‘claim’?! Is she dead?!”

“Sweetie,” he continues and gently touches her cheek. “I want you to stay here and I will be right back. It’s going to be okay.”

“Is she dead?”

“I will be back. I need you to stay here.” He leaves my house walking down the street.

I wrap my arms around Talia, the way a mother would do for her little girl and cried with her. All Talia kept saying was, ‘This is my fault.”

Mavis, AKA Mayfleas, had the run of her little area in Talia’s mobile home area. The other three mongrels, Grizzly, Rebel, and Boog, Mavis’ son, all had to be kept in their huge outdoor kennel area. Mavis was trained well enough that if you told her to get her ass back here, she would come no problem.

The next door neighbor dog Zoe runs around free. There is not a lot of traffic, as it is a residential area. But, assholes DO drive too fast down that little street and around this corner to a dirt road.

Even if Talia kept her gate shut, Mavis was an escape artist and always found a way out. She never ran away. She just liked to chill around the house and hang out with Zoe dog and stuff.

Still, Talia was sobbing and could not convince herself this was not her fault. She said she could have made a better effort to keep her dog behind a closed fence.

THAT is when it all hit me. I saw the truck. Blue. A pick up. Raised. Two boys. Youngsters. Non-adult, in other words. I see Mavis running to catch the tires, near the pretty red and white lights. They spun out. Did not see her.

I suddenly stopped crying. I suddenly had a feeling of peace inside knowing that she did not suffer one bit. “She did not see it coming.”

I told Talia, “Wow…I need to tell you this. Right now. In fact…”

I stopped in my tracks and went to grab my pendulum and board and one single white candle.

“You know this works,” I told her, referring to my board and little sack holding my precious divination tool. “It will tell me what color hair you have. You know it works. I need you to know this was not your fault. I can do this now and fast. Will you let me ask my pendulum if what happened was your fault so you will KNOW this was not your fault?”

She said nothing. Just sobbed.

I lit the candle, got down on the floor in front of her, took my girl out of her pouch and after a quick prayer to The Universe, asked Spirit if some questions could be answered to help ease any guilt my dear friend was feeling.

It moved circles first. This lets me know Spirit is here and ready to answer questions.

I asked Spirit to stop the pendulum. It stopped.

I asked if this was Mavis’ time to go. My pendulum started moving forward and back for YES.

I thanked Spirit and asked to stopped the pendulum. It stopped.

I asked if what happened to Mavis was an accident. Forward and back it swung. YES.

I asked to stop the pendulum. After a few slower swings, again it stopped.

I asked Spirit if Mavis suffered one bit. The answer: NO. I began to cry.

I asked if what happened was Talia’s fault in any way. It started swinging left to right, faster and then faster. NO.

I burst into tears right there on the floor, still holding my swinging pendulum, and said, “That’s a fucking ‘NO’, Talia. This was not your fault. You have to know that.” I continued to cry and kept saying ‘thank you’ over and over. Thank you for confirming Mavis did not suffer. Thank you for letting Talia know this was not her fault. The next thought I had heard after a few minutes of blowing snot into a tissue, a thought that was not mine, was, “It’s up to her, now.”

It was Talia’s mother. Her mother was saying to me, “We can tell her it was not her fault, but she has to believe it and know it.”

I have pulled cards for Talia before and have channeled her mother’s energy a few times in front of her. Talia will tell you that her mother’s tone/attitude will come out in some of the things I will say to her during a reading. Mind you, I have never met her mom. She passed away before I arrived here in Socorro. (Her mother, my age, passed away almost two years ago and it has since been very hard for Talia, now 25 years old.) But, Talia is a tiger. Strong, determined, motivated and very, very smart. She is working a part time job and putting herself through college on her own. She jokes that it’s the trauma that has made her the strong woman she is now, but man…it’s no joke.

I was curious about all the weird coincidences I have, and continue to experience, when and since hanging out with these two youngsters, so I busted out my pendulum and straight out asked, “Are Ado and Talia part of my soul tribe?” The answer: YES.


Oh, hush. I use what WORKS, babe.

You should go within.

I doooo, but then I sometimes want that double confirmation and, well, I can’t help it if divination works that well for me to get some of these answers…que no?

I love it when you speak Spanish to me.

Yo se, papacito. 🙂

Anyhoo, Ado and Talia have been two peas in a pod since high school. I tell them I would totally watch a reality show of the two of them. They are roommates today.

They are like Laverne and Shirley, I tell them.

Turns out, a lot of the people in this town are members of my soul tribe.

Even better, while Talia and Adonnis call me their adopted mom, their souls are older than mine. Isn’t that some shit?

Holy smacks, it is 2:00am. I need to get to bed. I already did and I sent her the link.

You really need to stay on top of your appointments for those.

I am trying to be better organized, babe.

Did I just have your best impression of Yoda in my head just now??

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

So, you ARE a Star Wars fan!

You were going to type ‘Star Wars geek’, Christina!

Yeah, but I thought twice about it and typed ‘fan.’

You’re a dork.

So are you.

I’m going to post this and crash. Talia and Ado are going to bury Mavis. I want to send them some love in prayers before I go to sleep. Will you remind me please, hun?

Don’t I always?

What, remind me of things?


You are ALWAYS reminding me to brush my teeth before I leave the house.

Yeah, but though you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make them drink.

Lead a WHAT????

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