10-16-2020 Just Another DM Convo using Telepathy


I keep staring at your picture.  It is the ‘One Year Ago Memories’ picture that OneDrive pops up every month and your face is on the October 2019 album.  It’s because I went through a time when your picture was saved on my cell phone’s wallpaper for my background picture.  I would take screenshots of some of the synchronicities and BAM!  There is your gorgeous face attached to it.  Yes, I said ‘gorgeous’.  I do not know why you do not think you are gorgeous.  Rather, I do not know why you do not KNOW you are gorgeous. 

I could say the same thing about you, you know…

Oh fine.  You win that one.

I always do.

No, you don’t.

I am right most of the time, Christina.

I feel a smirk on your face.

Yes, fine.  You are pretty much almost always right.  You can stop the smirking.

I do, too.  I feel it.  I SEE your face.  It’s the same face you made at me when you said this to me back at the saloon when I mentioned something about playing in a pool league: “You have no business being on a league.”  You shook your head and had that smirk like I must be positively crazy to even consider being in a pool league, you turd.

You were not ready.

!!!!  I will have you know that after I was 86’d from The Saloon and started taking my pool playing business elsewhere, back at The Underground, I was asked to be an alternate on a ladies team locally.

What ‘pool business’??? We let you play for free!

Oh, you with your exclamation marks. (sticking out my tongue but in a cute way emoji)

Christina, I already know what faces you are making.  I never need the emojis.

Emojis are FABULOUS, babe.  And I also need to sometimes express my thoughts to the readers with what is really in my head emotionally.  Thus, the name EMOji. 

You are full of shit.

Yes, yes I am with regard to the emoji stuff I just wrote.  But, DIG it. 😊

See, was that hard?  That is all you had to do.

Yes, no wait.  I also neeed the tongue out in a cute way so the readers understand what I am trying to put out there with the sentiment.

You are high.

I am not.  Not anymore, anyway.  The buzz wore off a little bit ago and I did not smoke enough to really catch a buzz.  I am slowing down on the want to smoke weed anymore.  It is a cool feeling.  It’s like I can have that kind of fun without it.

I know and I like that. 

Oh, come now…you know you want to smoke a doob with me and watch some porn one day…

Yes, I do. Oh, just type the LOL already.

I am rolling my eyes.


I forgot what I was going to write about.

You were just jotting down me.

My head is starting to hurt again.  It’s been hurting all day.  Lots of random heart palps today, too.  Not as much as some days when I will feel them, but the eeeeeeeeeeee in my ears has been way strong since yesterday and today is headache and heart palps.  I woke up feeling fricking great and I have been having a great day all day.  Even with day 2 of surfing the ‘crimson wave.’

It is still high eeeeeee in my ears.  Both of them tonight.  I still need to post the video on the periodic table.  I can’t be wrong about this.  Why on Earth would it come out??

You are tuning into more and more of a higher frequency with the Earth and Source.

Everything is, Christina.

What, connected?


Yeah no, I get that.  Or at least, I am learning that.

My heart palps and as of five minutes ago, a *CHING* in my panties when I mentioned the smoking a doob and watching porn with you.

I am drinking water.  And stuff with electrolytes.

There is a bunch of sugar in that other stuff, though.

I did not realize that until I read the bottle today.  And here I thought I was doing good there. Lol

You are a dork.

You know this already.

I can’t remember.  Remind me which one.

It was the other day…come on.  Help me remember. It was funny!

I am thinking.  Give me a second.


Don’t start. This is the first time I have thought, “In a second,” with you, to your 100 million times you have had the thought and said, “I will in a second,” with me.

True.  And you are SO dramatic.

I can see down your blouse.

No, I am the one who can see down my blouse when I look down.

Christina, I can see down your blouse.

I already know what color bra you are wearing.  When??? WHEN are you going to GET this?


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