10-12-2020 Tell…Your…Story.

Have any of you reading this post figured out yet what your purpose is here on Earth? 

Tough question, huh?  I think my purpose is to tell my story.  Okay, I am fairly sure my purpose is to tell my story.  Fine.  I now know my purpose here is to tell my story.  Tell my story just the way I speak in life, raw and unfiltered.  That is what life is.  Raw and unfiltered. 

I have known for a long time that we are not here to simply exist on the planet.  To me, something was always missing.  I kind of felt like Barry in ‘The Bee Movie’ when he graduates college and thinks twice about his earlier decision to make honey for the rest of his bee life in the hive.  He wanted something more.  He wanted out of the hive.  I want something more.  I want OUT of this hive.

I was at the end of my relationship with Derek, age 38 I think, when I began asking myself the question, “Is THIS it?  THIS cannot be all there is in this game of Life, is there?”

Helping others was and still is on my daily ‘To Do’ list of my life.  I have always had jobs where I am helping in some way.  Call center “Thank you for calling and how may I assist you?” jobs were more my forte because it was much easier to hide a smirk on the phone than in person when people are being jerks.  To me, there is nothing worse than having to try and hide it when someone is being disrespectful to you.

I never liked clocking in and out and having to be told when I can eat and use the restroom, but for the most part, I also enjoyed the troubleshooting and diagnosing of problems aspect, so I continued to work those types of jobs.  I did well at this type of work and at the time, I thought that was the best I could do with my knowledge and skill-set.

Boy, was I wrong.  And about TONS of stuff.

I discovered there is so much more I can do here on Earth that will both help others and be something I enjoy doing every day.  Lots of this now has to do with some of the new abilities I have sharpened since awakening and I thank the Universe immensely for help with the sharpening of these gifts. 

It turns out there is more happening than what television leads us to believe is happening in the world. I feel like I want to help expose it. I would love for more and more people to know why things are happening that they do not know about that they should know about.

Here is the problem, though.

How can I help others believe these things are going on when I am not sure my abilities are confirming what is really happening?

I will give you a few examples. Before I start, I will list a few of the things that happened in the last year that made me think I can sometimes see or feel when things are going to happen before they actually happen and can read people based on just their body language and behaviors:

  1. I was able to let a friend of mine know I felt his new girlfriend was hiding the fact she was either hoarding from him or she was going to steal money from him, four days before it happened. ($4k from his account into hers.) She was acting sketchy and I let him know it.
  2. I was able to feel that a 13 year old had a family member pass away recently. When I asked her if she had a death in the family recently, she told me her baby cousin had passed away two months prior. I told her, “Oh wow. I am sorry. Well, she misses you.” The thing is, she did not correct me when I said ‘she’. Apparently it was a baby girl and not a boy.
  3. I sometimes know when a certain song will pop on either from my playlist of some 500 songs or on the radio. I have two friends this has happened in front of and both were, “Whoa…trippy.”
  4. All the readings I have done for people I was told I was either “right on the money”, or “spot on.”
  5. A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker buddy had stopped in on his lunch break from a different job. He said he came in for food because the McDonald’s drive-thru line was way too long. He fixes himself an Arnold Palmer because he says he saw me drinking one and it looked good. He then disappears into the bathroom. When he comes out, some 15-20 minutes later, he stops at the bathroom door, looks back almost like he may have forgot something in there, then turns back to Margaret and I and holds out his arms for a hug saying he has to get back to work. He even left his drink. I thought it was kind of odd since he did not eat anything and he NEVER asks for hugs. Then after he left, it hit me: He was in the bathroom jerking off! So, like a moron, I send him a text message that said, “Hey…by any chance were you in the bathroom jerking off? :)” When I got no reply, I sent back “It’s totally cool. I was just wondering lol” I still got no reply. When I saw him at work a week later, he avoided eye contact with me. I apologized for calling him out on his bathroom activity and he gave me a thumbs up, like it was all good. I felt bad after that. I need to remember that not everyone appreciates it when you call them out on something that is embarrassing.

Then there is my new pendulum. I ordered one from Amazon and the one that arrived is not what I ordered, but it is beautiful and I know that particular item must have arrived for a reason. It works well, too!

Perhaps too well? I’ll explain. I even recorded video of some of my sessions. I recorded the scary ones, too.

I am no magician. I have no idea how I can get this thing to move other than it is energy. My energy. I can get the thing to answer questions without asking the questions out loud, too. The pendulum will move much faster if I speak out loud, but nevertheless I can make it answer questions with just THINKING.

Here are some questions I have asked and the answers I have received:

  1. Am I 55 years old? NO
  2. Do I drive a Ferrari? NO
  3. Do I have a kitty cat named Oreo? YES
  4. Do I own a dog? NO
  5. Am I on a twin flame journey? YES
  6. Is Ariana on a twin flame journey? NO (Ariana is a friend of mine)
  7. Am I psychic? YES
  8. Am I able to communicate with those who have passed on? YES
  9. Is Art a psychopath? YES
  10. Am I a psychopath? NO
  11. Is my vision of Donald Trump’s death a vision of his future? YES
  12. Do I have red hair? NO
  13. Did Tom Hanks and his wife really contract COVID-19? YES. (And I TRULY thought that answer was going to be NO. It shocked me to see the pendulum move up and down for YES.)
  14. Was 9/11 an inside job? YES
  15. Did Jon Benet’s brother have anything to do with her disappearance? YES.
  16. Is my Dildo Narcissist Ex Wesley Minnick a psychopath? YES. (I already knew that, but just wanted to confirm I wasn’t reading him incorrectly.)
  17. Does my DM still want me to stay off Facebook? YES (Not that I had any intention on viewing his profile, but the next question is the reason I asked.)
  18. Was Dildo Narcissist Ex Wesley the one pretending to be DM and DM’s twin brother with the last fake Facebook account he created? YES.
  19. Is Wesley trying harder to try and convince me that DM does not want anything to do with me because he thinks DM just may contact me? YES.
  20. Has Art been in my house alone without my knowledge? YES
  21. Has my co-worker Margaret stolen money from our cash register at work? YES
  22. Has my co-worker Jeremy stolen money out of the cash register at work? YES.
  23. Has my co-worker Gian stolen money out of the cash register at work? NO. (Again, I already knew this particular answer was NO, but I like to make sure the pendulum is still ‘working’ after asking questions 20 through 22.

Now, here are where the answers get even more scary:

  1. Is the reason actor Gary Sinise is showing shame in the video where he is being congratulated by his peers on the success of his foundation because he is using that foundation for illegal purposes? YES
  2. Is Gary Sinise using his foundation for human trafficking purposes? YES
  3. Is actor Leonardo DiCaprio involved in human trafficking? NO
  4. Is actor Ashton Kutcher involved in human trafficking? NO
  5. Is actor Tom Hanks involved in human trafficking? YES
  6. Is Ellen DeGeneres involved in human trafficking? YES
  7. Do human sacrifices still go on at Bohemian Grove? YES
  8. Are some of these sacrifices children under the age of 18? YES
  9. Did Oprah Winfrey use the Law of Attraction to gain her success? NO
  10. Did Oprah Winfrey sell her soul for fame and success? YES
  11. Are there two bodies buried on Liz’s property? YES
  12. Of the two women buried on the property, does one of them have the name Niomi? YES
  13. Was Art nervous when I asked him if he knew of a girl named Niomi? YES
  14. Was Art suspicious that I was asking about Niomi? YES
  15. Did Art lie to me about Niomi being an ex girlfriend of his 6 or 7 years ago? YES (I also recorded that conversation. Something told me I needed to. I already felt he was hiding something. I wanted it recorded.)
  16. Was I guided to the New Mexico Missing Person’s website for a specific reason? YES
  17. Is my cat Oreo a male cat? NO
  18. Does Art know I know that I saw him driving to the dump on Friday, September 18th, 2020 two hours later than when he told me he took that load to the dump? NO
  19. Did Art send Margaret that text message saying “You know she’s psychic” because he knows I know something about a girl’s disappearance? YES
  20. Will I have to go to the police with any information? NO
  21. Is this because the police are going to come to me? YES
  22. Is part of my purpose on Earth with my abilities to help find missing people? YES.

I shit you NOT, people. Every single post is truth. That includes this post.

I have videos of me just playing around with the pendulum and then I have videos where I am bawling my eyes out saying, “Dear God, no…I don’t want to see anymore..this can’t be real…I can’t possibly know this…what do I do?”

I will be the first to say, as I always say, I could be wrong. And if I am wrong, meh. No biggie. I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life.

But…what if I am right?

Wouldn’t that be some shit? I mean, SCARY shit, but still…Am I, like, the new Sylvia Browne, or something? I hope not. I am not looking to be famous n shit. I just want to use my abilities to help and maybe help some family members out there get some closure on what happened to their loved ones.

If you are curious of some of the videos that I have with regard to these channeling sessions, my YouTube channel has them. Some of them are private, for specific reasons, so you won’t have access to those. Those will be made available for viewing once their purpose has been fulfilled. Otherwise, the FBI will be knocking on my door asking about the Donald Trump vision of his assassination that the government will tell us was an accident. But, know his driver was involved and everything that happened is for a reason. (A good reason, I feel. But hey, you know energy. It can shift, right?)

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